Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back on the Meat Market

Aw! Word on the street is Cheyenne Jackson will soon be a divorgaycé.

The good-lookin’ multi-hyphenate reportedly has split from his husband of two years, Monte Lapka, and is, for all intents and rumors, having a bit of a midlife crisis. (For the record, Jackson and Lapka had been together for more than a decade.)

Evidently, that stache that Jackson has been rocking is not just for a movie but it’s also part of a new look that includes some silly new ink (which could be for a new project, although his new tats look hella real). More tellingly, Jackson is said to have left New York in favor of West Hollywood, where he has shacked up with a new boyfriend.

Can’t say I’m surprised: The man did allegedly pop up on Manhunt a little more than a year before he went and got hitched (and he clearly has a penchant for taking ’em sexy selfies).

I am annoyed he didn’t look this way for a rebound, though.


Update: Jackson has addressed the news of his divorce head on – “We had a good long run,” he said on Aug. 1 on Frank DeCaros SiriusXM show. “It is a sad thing.

And he also confirmed that he is in AA. Which a cynic might find to be a very convenient, self-serving admission.

Alas, it sounds like it isn’t.

A more comprehensive transcript of Jackson’s comments made to DeCaro shines a better light on the matter, as well as the meaning behind his new tats. In case you were wondering about that, which you probably were.

So Chey is OK, OKRRR.

5 Ideas for Life After Rehab, Linds

And she’s out.

Lindsay Lohan left her (latest) court-mandated 90-day rehab stint yesterday, and now that I see this pic of L2, all glowy smiles as she left the Malibu center in which she was working on herself, I cannot help but feel hopeful.

I know – Glutton for Punishment Alert!

All kidding aside, I guess there’s still a part of me that’s rooting for this girl, no matter how hard it tries to quit her.

So here are a few unsolicited suggestion that I believe could help La Lohan keep it together and reclaim her rightful place among respectable Hollywood folk:

1. Fire Dina Lohan. She don’t need to be your manager, she needs to be your mom (and do a heckuva lot better job at that one that she seemingly has so far).

2. Keep Michael Lohan at bay, but don’t freeze him out. He’s your dad, girl – he ain’t goin’ nowhere. Have a frank hear-to-heart with the man, tell him you appreciate his intentions but hate his methods. Last chance.

3. Audit a college class. Something easy, like a language. At a small institution – don’t get fancy. Be among real people for a change.

4. Stay out of the clubs. They obviously haven’t done you any favors. All those rumors you sang about, they got started with you running in those circles. 

5. Get a Netflix account. House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black are really, really good distractions.

You already have a couple of things keeping you busy – subbing for Chelsea Handler, sitting down with Oprah. Don’t bite on anything more than you can chew. It’s not a race. Show ’em/us you’re trying and meaning it little by little.

If you rebuild it, they/we will come.


Update 1: Just a day after leaving rehab, Linds was slapped with some additional mandatory time, but it’s a good thing.

Per a medical recommendation, a judge ruled that L2 needs to complete an additional 15 months of therapy – so through November of next year, at least – to prevent “almost certain failure” for the actress on the road up ahead.

Update 2: Click here for a preview of La Lohan’s Chelsea Lately gig.

Girlfriend looks and sounds good.

Hope she keeps it up. ’Cause that the Linds I heart. (She just really, really needs to not call her dermatologist for any more fillers and that kinda stuff. Ever!)

Interstellar Oyelowo

David Oyelowo is on fiya.

The British actor, last seen in Jack Reacher and next to be seen in The Butler – make that Lee Daniels The Butler now – is going Interstellar for Christopher Nolan.

As was the case with every bit of casting news for this star-studded ensemble that includes led by Matthew McConaughey, no details about Oyelowo’s part have been shared.

But I will bet it will be a showy role.


Between a Rock and a Stylish and Hard Place

The guys at Dolce & Gabbana are thinking about callin’ it quits if they have to play their tax evasion fines.

Say it isn’t so.

Bet thats what (moneyed) fashionistas ’round the world must be crying.

Last month, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana received a suspended jail sentence of 20 months on top of an almost $450 million in fines from the Italian Tax Commission for crimes for which they were previously found culpable.

The pair is currently appealing those rulings, but the mayor of Milan has ordered them to close their nine boutiques around the world. Plus, the designers are dealing with some trademark drama with Peter Fonda as well, so, needless to say, D and G are finding themselves in quite a pickle.

“We will not be able to deal with it,” Dolce recently said. “[It’s] impossible.

“If we deserved the sentence, there would be nothing to say,” echoed Gabbana. “[But we do not deserve it, and so unfortunately we would have to close.

’Tis the season for change for these two, or so it seems.


Hot Herc Alert!

Dwayne Johnson is working on a Hercules movie for next summer, and, whaddya know, so is Kellan Lutz.

The Twilight Saga stud – who must be kinda annoyed he’s still a B-Lister (the guy tries hard, but I have seen a lot of his work go straight to DVD) – is buffed hard at work on the set of the live-action Hercules 3D for Disney, which plans to release the movie next spring, right.

But unlike the artist f.k.a. The Rock, Lutz was not asked by director Renny Harlin to bulk up any more. Harlin reportedly just wanted the actor to get his abs to pop more.

Mission (finely) accomplished.

Click here for more pics if you can see the hotness from different angles.


Just Because, Pt. 94

You go, Aubrey Plaza, with your of red-Speedo-wearing man candy.

The Parks and Recreation funny girl has a bit of a hit on her hands with the coming-of-age comedy The To Do List right now and the cover of the latest of Cosmopolitan for Latinas, the spread of which features Plaza surrounded by, well...y’all have eyes.

Some girls have all the luck.

In all seriousness, though: Good goin’ on breaking through, young lady.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nick Jonas Is Clearly a Twentysomething

F---in’ kid.

Nick Jonas was obviously feeling a little show-off-y today, so the 20-year-old shared the buffstastic pic at right with the world.

’Cause, really...WTF not, right?

Well, to be somewhat fair to the ham guy, he did point out that he was just letting us know that you can be a diabetic and in terrific shape with a little healthy living, so y’ know, two points for promoting a proactive lifestyle.

And...uh...all the points that he wants for that pose.



Mr. Marsden’s Gon’ Hear Ms. Wiig Talk

Linda Cardellini (AMC’s Mad Men), Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Tim Robbins better make room for James Marsden over at Welcome to Me.

The cutie-hotootie is joining the Kristen Wiig movie about a woman with a borderline personality disorder who wins the lotto and uses the money to create her own talk show.

No word on what kind of guy Marsden will be playing, but I am willing to guess he will be Wiig’s leading man ’cause, duh...he’s a looker.

Btw, Wes Bentley and Joan Cusack also have come on board the project.


There’s Something About Mary (Poppins)

Coming up this Christmas: the behind-the-scenes story of how the beloved film adaptation of Mary Poppins took like, forever and a half to get made.

See, once upon a time, even Walt Disney had trouble getting projects off the ground on account of his, well...his being Walt Disney.

The upcoming Saving Mr. Banks chronicles the filmmaker’s years-long struggle to turn Australian author P.L. Travers’ prized possession into a crowd-pleaser starring Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke (she thought he didn’t understand what Mary Poppins – “never ever” forget her last name! – meant to her).

Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson bring to life Disney and Travers in the Dec. 13 release, which promises plenty of good times (thanks to the actors going tête-à-tête with each other), as well as a bit of an education on a never-told story.


M’s #secretproject Is Coming Soon

A new, fuller trailer for #secretproject, Madonna’s latest collaboration with photographer Steven Klein, has been released, and it looks like a decidedly political endeavor.

She sounds defiant in her call-for-tolerance narration, which is spoken over strikingly stylish black-and-white imagery of male models and a gun-toting M, and mixed with one of the pro-tolerance speeches she gave while on tour last year:

This is the official start of her revolution of love.

Can’t wait until we finally get to find out what this #secretproject is because I feel properly and sufficiently teased.

Lindsay Lately

Things are on the upswing for Lindsay Lohan alright.

Not only will L2 sit with Oprah after she leaves rehab for the 405th time – and get to work on her own OWN eight-episode 2014 docu-series – but she also will guest-host Chelsea Lately on Aug. 5.

The gig coincides with her promo duties for The Canyons, which is getting released this Friday.

Right on, Linds: Make work your new BFF and walk the line. 


Monday, July 29, 2013

When Taylor Met Carly

Like, Taylor Swift so totally had way awesomer a weekend than any of us, IMHO.

I say this because the popular country star got to sing You’re So Vainwith Carly friggin’ Simon herself during a stop of her “Red Tour” in Massachusetts.

Pretty cool, huh.

There was a veteran of the music industry – a woman who wrote a very famous song many, many years ago, about a man who is still very much a question mark (except to that fella that paid a lot of money at auction to find get an answer) – singing on stage with a young woman who is a total It Girl of the same industry right now...and who writes many songs about men for us to sing along to and speculate about.
 Yeah – Swift sooo won the weekend.


How ’bout a Round of Applause

Lady GaGa’s pretentious promotional machine for her upcoming ARTPOP album kicked it up a notch over the weekend.

First, the Haus of GaGa went ahead and released an album promo image of Mother Monster in the buff, sitting on a chair made of different electronic bits and pieces. The singer then tweet-teased that a first single is coming on Aug. 19 (this was her first tweet in like, half a year), and she shared a video in which she can be seen getting her septum pierced.

Simple enough.


But then, yesterday, girlfriend couldn’t help herself and revealed the name of her comeback single – it’s called Applause” – and its cover art, which she explained in a totally aggroying way, natch. Something about the song being about the longing the artist feels for validation after putting on a show and whatnot....

Nice image, boring imagery, girl.


Ben Foster Bikes Up

And the first actor to play Lance Armstrong will be...Bradley Cooper young character actor Ben Foster.

The Messenger star is poised to play the disgraced cyclist in one of three Armstrong biopics in the works – the one that’s set up at Working Title. The Queen’s Stephen Frears is set to direct from a script by Trainspotting’s John Hodge.

The movie would focus primarily on Armstrong’s doping scandal, and cameras are expected to roll in the fall.

Like I said: There are two other Armstrong movies in the works. Warner Bros. is also prepping som’in’; Cooper’s name was floated as a possibility for the project that J.J. Abrams is developing.

Guess it’s really a matter of time until we which one makes it to the finish line first.


Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Cutie and a Pooch Do A&F

By now I think I have established quite well that I think that that young’un Alexander Ludwig is a looker and a half.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’d be brazen and inappropriate enough (that kid is, well...a kid!) to go ahead with yet another gratuitous post about him Abercrombie & Fitch would tap the Hunger Games bad boy as one of the people to feature in its new Stars on the Rise campaign.

Bruce Webber shot the campaign, natch, which, btw, is said to harken back to the company’s pictorials from the early aughts, and includes Glee’s Jacob Artist and American Horror Story vet Lily Rabe.

Fun Trivia Alert? That pooch with Ludwig in the photos? That’s Uggie, the scene-stealer doggie from the Academy Award-winning film The Artist.

Ludwig can next be seen on Season 2 of Vikings, the History Channel hit starring former Calvin Klein model Travis Fimmel and Gabriel Byrne.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Happy 30th Anniversary, Madonna!

Can you believe that Madonna has been a thing for three decades now?

My, how time files when youre having fun.

Indeed, it was 30 years ago today that M first burst onto the scene with a record, an irresistible self-titled debut that included insta-classics like Borderline,” Holiday,” and Lucky Star.

Ever since then, M has established herself as the one and only undisputed Queen of Pop.

Like I’ve said many a time before: bitches can imitate her...but they can’t duplicate her.

Thirty years into a massive, award-winning career, Madonna is – at almost 55 years old! – still as every bit the relevant force or nature and artistry that she was the first time she hit a stage or came out from your speakers.

She has had Everybody” Burning Up” for a lifetime, and I have no doubt in my mind that she’s just getting startedSo bow, bitches (and dance and sing, get up, and do your thing – it’s what M would want).

And long live the Queen!


Super Fun Rebel

I have been waiting for Rebel Wilson’s Super Fun Night for ages, and it is finally coming.


This fall.

Check it:

Go, Rebel!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Rescue Me, Matt Bomer!

It’s a damn good thing Matt Bomer is not a firefighter in real life.

Can you imagine if you were in a fire and that hot DILF walked in to rescue you.

I’d pass out.

I mean, I’m about to lose it just looking at a pic of the guy working hard in his bravest costume on the set of his USA Network hit White Collar earlier this week.

In my fantasy, Bomer is calling up his Magic Mike co-star Joe Manganiello right now, to ask him for tips on how to work a firemans ax.


Marry Me, Benedict Cumberbatch!

Looks like Benedict Cumberbatch can finally marry me.

No, I don’t mean the actor has come out and professed his love for little ol’ me.

Not yet, anyway.

I mean, the Star Trek Into Darkness baddie can now officiate weddings! Which is exactly what the newly ordained minister did last weekend, in Ibiza, where he married a pair of gay friends of his.

Yo, Cumber-stud – I’ll be right over here like a good little Cumberbitch.





No Christian Grey for This Guy

Aww, too bad: Garrett Hedlund is not into mommy porn, so no Fifty Shades of Grey for him, thankyouverymuch.

The Country Strong scene-stealer reportedly has passed on starring on the first adaptation of E L James’ racy best-selling Fifty Shades Trilogy.

Word on the street is Hedlund did not want to take on a three-picture commitment to play the S&M-happy billionaire Christian Grey in the movies, the first of which will be directed by Nowhere Boy’s Sam Taylor-Johnson.

Hedlund’s is the latest name associated to the part in any meaningful way.

Earlier this year, Chris Hemsworth was said to be the No. 1 choice for the part, while Stephen Amell (TVs Arrow) even took a meeting about it in the spring, but that didn’t pan out, for he is back at work on his hit TV show and the movie is scheduled to come out next August.

The one actor whos like, dying for the role – Ian Somerhalder – is, unfortunately for him, not even being really considered.

So the search continues.


Holy Doc

Sweet Jesus, did Season 3 of TV’s Revenge just score.

Tee hee.

See, the soapiest thing on the tube right now is set to incorporate Diogo Morgado – the guy who played Jesus on that Bible miniseries – into the Hamptons drama, at least for one episode.

The Portuguese stud will play a mysterious doctor on the first episode back in the fall.

Mmm...maybe he’ll be tasked with making sure this guy’s really Victoria Grayson’s (Madeline Stowe) long-lost son?


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Castle Case Reporter

Every once in a while I see a face on TV or in the sillier side of the news, and I just gotta talk it up.

Case in latest point: Warren Christie.

The Northern Ireland native was one of the stars of Syfys Alphas, and was featured in This Means War and Apollo 18, right.

So the guy has been around...but, yeah, Im just making his one-sided acquaintance.

Don’t judge.

Anyway, Castle fans – among whom I have yet to count myself – are in luck, for they will get to see more of Christie this fall, when this cutie-patootie guests on the show’s second episode back.

He will play a (hot) reporter with a really good jawline pair of pretty eyes knack for stumbling upon stories that are not in line with national security interests.

Mmm...I wonder if Alphas is available on the Netflix I get down here in Peru....