Friday, November 27, 2015

Nothing to Hathahate Here

Anne Hathaway is pregnant, y’all – so you best behave now.

Indeed, the Intern star and her actor-husband, Adam Shulman (Ricki and the Flash) are expecting their first baby, according to E!, which has doubly confirmed the news.

Hathaway and Shulman were married three years ago.

Congrats to them! And to that baby. That baby is gonna pal around with Valentino.

Photo: E! Online.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

More About Kylo Ren

Happy Thanksgiving, kids!

Now. Who wants some yams? Can someone pass the mashed potatoes? Hey – who finished all the turkey!

Fine. No more turkey? Here’s the next best thing (no, not news of an Adele tour for America: a new look at Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

This latest preview – a direct continuation of the one that debuted last Thanksgiving – centers on Adam Driver’s Darth Vader fanatic Kylo Ren and the Dark Side of the Force, and it, well, here...have a look-see.


Scream Girl

That Girl wants in on the movies.

Allison Williams (HBO’s Girls) will begin her transition to the silver screen with a starring role in Jordan Peele’s horror thriller Get Out. The project will mark Peele’s feature-film directorial debut.

Jason Blum is producing – and if you do not understand what that means you should just get.


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Prepare for War

Speaking of Sebastian Stan....

The first trailer for next summer’s Captain America: Civil War, the Marvel threequel that shall pit Chris Evans’ Cappie’s Avenger-y squad against Robert Downey Jr.’s, is out!

So without further ado:

Captain America: Civil War – featuring Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier, Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, Don Cheadle’s War Machine, Anthony Mackie’s Falcon, Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch, Daniel Brühl, Martin Freeman, William Hurt, and maybe Tom Hollands Spider-Man, among others – is due in theaters on May 6.

As Neil Armstrong?

Ryan Gosling must be loving working on La La Land with director Damien Chazelle.


’Cause RyGos has his eye on First Man, a Neil Armstrong biopic that Chazelle will helm. Spotlight’s Josh Singer is writing the script based on the James R. Hansen-penned biography, First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong.

Up first for Gosling, however, is The Big Short, opening on Dec. 11.

Now. I love me some Ryan Gosling, and I appreciate that he has the clout to get this off the ground, but I think someone like Sebastian Stan probably has more of what it takes, physically, to play Neil Armstrong.

Heck, you know who would absolutely fit the look? Brian Geraghty (NBC’s Chicago franchise, Flight).

Alas, Geraghty is not quite there yet.

Again, I think the Gos is the s---, but him as Neil Armstrong could be Steve Jobs all over again.


Chelsea to Netflix and Chill

When Chelsea Handler left E! two summers ago, in favor of Netflix, girlfriend promised us stand-up specials, four docu-comedy specials, and a new talk show to launch for stream in 2016.

Ms. Handler is ready to share now.

Up first, Chelsea Does... will see the funnywoman explore four different subjects – marriage, racism, Silicon Valley, and drugs – in...January. Here’s what you can expect.

Later in the new year, Handler will stream a live-ish talk show three nights a week “[i]s not going to look like a late-night talk show.

We have been warned.


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cruising the Mummy


Tom Cruise is circling a reboot of The Mummy.

For real.

Like, no, Tom Cruise – you are Tom f---in’ Cruise. You cannot pick up where Brendan Fraser left off.

I can understand the appeal of the project for the Cruiseter, for it is meant to set up a multi-monster universe that also will feature Universal Pictures characters like Dracula, Frankenstein’s creature, and the Wolfman. After all, Cruise once almost was Tony Stark/IronMan...and we all know how that worked out for Robert Downey Jr., huh....

How would Cruise’s potential involvement affect the previously shared plans for the Mummy reboot to feature a female mummy in a lead position remains, much like the stars participation, up in the air.


J. Law on Top

Jennifer Lawrence is It.


I know it. You know it. Thanks to movies like The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 and X:Men: Days of  Future Past the whole world knows it. And now Entertainment Weekly has made it extra-official by designating J. Law Entertainer of the Year.

Was there anyone better for the title? Methinks not. After all, the Academy Award winner is firing on all cylinders (can’t wait to see what she gives in Joy next month!); suffers no bull, evidently; and is reluctant, yet totally herself pro-equal pay advocate who is like, besties and creative partners with Amy Schumer.

Like, love.


The Indies Are Off to the Races

I have go to catch up with The Dairy of a Teenage Girl.

And with Beasts of No Nation. And Love & Mercy. And Room.

And Advantageous.

These are some of the films nominated for 2016 Independent Spirit Awards.

So much to see, so little time left.

Photo: (Advantageous).

Yoncé Feelin’ the Coldplay, Too

You know how Coldplay frontman Chris Martin revealed last week that his ex, Gwyneth Paltrow, will be featured on the band’s upcoming new album, A Head Full of Dreams?

Well, so will Beyoncé.

Queen B, it seems, is on a track titled “Hymn for the Weekend,” which Coldplay Instateased this morning. Have a listen:

Barring any leaks, A Head Full of Dreams will be released on Dec. 4.

Click here for a taste of “Everglow,” featuring G.P.

That Sick Bod!

So I watched last Sunday’s The Leftovers last night (how meta is that!) and like, for serious, Justin Theroux, eat a burger.

Like, ew.

I mean, the actor’s body is beyond-ripped.

Like, how? Why? How?

Must be all that smartwater.... ;)

Now. Congrats, Justin Theroux, on joining the sexy troupe of actors who can do a towel dance like a boss.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Legends Rising

The CW’s plan to dominate the TV-superhero quadrant is once again ready to show us how it’s done.

See, the network is ready to premiere its latest offering, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (a companion piece to its Arrow and Flash flagships), now that it’s set its debut for Jan. 21.

Starring newcomer Arthur Darvill as the time-traveling Rip Hunter, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will center on a disparate band of heroes and villains brought together to defeat Casper Crump’s Vandal Savage. Check out the first trailer for the show and see what I mean:

Time to Grease It Up

It’s almost time for Foxs Grease: Live special.


Indeed, the special is scheduled to air on Jan. 31, and here is first look at stars Julianne Hough and Aaron Tveit as Sandy and Danny Zuko.

Vanessa Hudgens and Carly Rae Jepsen are also on board, as Rizzo and Frenchy, respectively.


Update 1: Anybody else wishing Mango and Gwyneth Paltrow were starring on this instead?

Update 2: Who wants a first teaser?

Hot Tycoon

Matt Bomer will stream.

The American Horror Story: Hotel guest and Magic Mike XXL eye candy has been tapped for the lead on Amazon’s The Last Tycoon, a new drama based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s final unfinished novel.

Bomer will play Monroe Stahr, a wunderkind-studio-executive-character inspired by film mogul Irving Thalberg (there’s an honorary Academy Award named after him; look it up). The drama will be mined from the show’s 1930s setting, and from the violence, sex, and ambition of the era. had me at Bomer. Picturing him in some fine-looking ’30s styles, well.... That’s giving me thoughts.


U2 Will Play Paris

The concert that U2 was scheduled to perform for HBO to broadcast to the world, live from Paris, earlier this month, has a new air date, kids.

This, of course, was the show that the band postponed in the aftermath of the attacks on Paris on Nov. 13....

“U2: iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE LIVE IN PARIS is now set for Monday, Dec. 7, airing live at 9 p.m. EST.


See, “The killers took so much from Paris on [that] tragic night, but they couldn’t steal the spirit of [the City of Light],” said Bono in a statement about the rescheduled show (two shows, actually; the band is playing on Dec. 6-7 to honor the tickets that were meant for Nov. 14-15). “It’s a spirit our band knows well and will try to serve when we return for the postponed shows. We’re going to put on our best for Paris.

It shall be a night to remember and celebrate the lives taken by celebrating freedom and joy over oppression, hate, and terror, and I’ll be watching.


Jon Snow Lives...on a Poster

So Jon Snow is not dead then?

Identifying a renewed sense of wonder about the fate of one of the main, they-couldn’t-have-killed-him-for-realsies characters of its Game of Thrones (nice try pulling focus, Glenn), HBO kicked off the short Thanksgiving week this morning by teasing Game of Thrones’ upcoming sixth season with an image of the bloodied face of Jon Snow, one of the main, if not the main, they-couldn’t-have-killed-him-for-realsies characters.

You know, the one that Kit Harington (still?) plays.

This it for now, though. This is all we get.

And now we have something important to talk about over turkey and potatoes.


Losin’ It In the Name of His Art


I did not realize Chris Hemsworth had had to lose that much weight for director Ron Howard’s upcoming In the Heart of the Sea.

The film – the story of the real-life 1819 harrowing ordeal of the Essex whale ship that went on to inspire Moby Dick – clearly required that the man o.k.a. Thor go there for his art, huh.

Ya see? He is way more than just a pretty face and a beyond-hella hot bod of sexy Aussie goodness.

In the Heart of the Sea will open on Dec. 11.


Fhotties Married

Dem f---in’ hotties, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello, are official, people.

The couple was married in Palm Beach yesterday. This is what La Vergara wore (custom Zuhair Murad, FYI). And this is how the Manga-beast bachelor-partied earlier this month.

This is the new reality: Two beautiful specimens have hitched their wagons to each other. The world may end when their kid is born.

It will be like a supernova, babies.

Photo: Instagram/

Update: Click here to see more pics and even a clip from the wedding.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

That Gal Is a (Wonder) Woman

Wonder Woman is cookin with oil now.

Actually, Wonder Woman is. Y know, the movie that we have anticipated for like, ever.

Ahem, “75 years,” actually. Gal Gadot, the Triple 9 and Fast & Furious 6 star and the actress who will embody the famous DC Comics character, said as much when she revealed this weekend that production is now underway on a blockbuster all Diana Prince’s, under the direction of Patty Jenkins (Monster).

Chris Pine is now confirmed in the role of Steve Trevor.

Up first, though, Diana Prince and Wonder Woman will take part in next springs much-anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Wonder Woman is expected to take the multiplex in June 2017.


Misery Loves Company

OMGwyneth, you guys – Brangelina made a porno.

Well, no...not really, but Angelina Jolie Pitt’s third directorial effort, By the Sea (which features the filmmaker and her husband, Brad Pitt, as a sort of modern-day George and Martha), is the kind of #FOMO-inducing catnip thats sure to send anyone who bothers seeking out the film on a daydream of Instagrams to come. And, yes, I can picture it clearly, the breathless Googling of By the Sea, locations” that shall commence the second the lights come back on in your delightful local chain art house with comfy seats and available buckets of ice for the bubbly available within it, the only theater in town showing this slightly brutal, aimlessly pretentious dissection of a marriage at a crossroads.

At a crossroads at a charmingly quaint seaside resort of unconfirmed European provenance, honey. Because where else.

Obviously, they – her Vanessa, a former dancer, and his Roland, a writer fighting a mean case of the writer’s block – could be in France; just about everyone around speaks the language and has that air of, you know...nonchalance that is now so encapsulated by the holidaze hashtag. And they are, in fact, in France, for this production is definitely set there, the 1970s there that finally allows Jolie Pitt to play Elizabeth Taylor in the most indirect and deferential manner, since remaking Cleopatra is an idea that’s so last century: Angie’s remade Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, OKRRR, casting and recasting her main man as the Richard Burton for a new generation. FYI, though: The actual location was Malta’s island of Gozo, so bookin’ that next vacation.

The film is that ambitious.

Its designs on prestige, on important-ness, are only surpassed by its desire to be admired. Just like The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Jolie Pitt’s proposition looks impossibly gorge – like a moving, talking, walking W magazine spread. Kudos to the cinematographer and the production design team: It’s all quite the special effect, especially because it upstages Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

It’s not that the spectacle of the film takes away from the story. Au contraire, the fantasia provides a welcome respite from the nonsense (right, Roland and Vanessa totally fit all those Louis Vuitton trunks of slinky, gauzy nightgowns and that cute little red typewriter that travels with its own accoutreument in that cute little classic coupe they drove in on...) and marital strife between these two. Roland drinks too much and writes too little during his days by the sea, chatting up the initially put-upon widower who keeps the local watering hole (A Prophet’s Niels Arestrup, his eyes profound with a deep and sad longing wisdowm); Nessa, as he calls her, takes too many pills, spends too much time confined to their room, contemplating death (past death, her own).

Neither talks to the other  really talk, I mean. There’s a hole between the two, and he’s on the verge of giving up trying to fill it or, at the very least, mend it. It isn’t until there’s a literal hole between ’em – a hole on a wall that allows the pair to peep into their next-room neighbors, young newlyweds portrayed by Mélanie Laurent and Melvil Poupaud  that Roland and Vanessa start getting real with each other, and that we learn what it was that wedged them apart.

Alas, it is all too terribly dull. Jolie Pitt is made up and styled for war...her eyes painted to draw you in, her nails softly painted, yet sharply pointed, her slinky wardrobe belying an inner storm of turmoil that unspools in whimpers, but it is Pitt who rises to the occasion in nominatable fashion. His Roland’s face is a portrait of pain, compassion, fed-up-ness, slight joy, and even slighter hope.

Too bad that by the time the recriminations and slaps start flying By the Sea, you’ll be thinking Mike Nichols did this better...and this woulda been way more engaging had Roland and Nessa been a little more like the Needdlers.

My Rating **


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Animated Sam

Sam Riley is coming, ScarJo.

The Maleficent actor is circling the lead in Ghost In the Shell, the Rupert Sanders-directed adaptation of the popular Japanese anime movie of the same name, opposite Scarlett Johansson.

The actress will play a member of a covert ops unit of the Japanese National Public Safety Commission that specializes in flighting tech-related crime.

Riley would portray The Laughing Man, the leader of a super-dangerous criminal group and her principal antagonist.


Mr. Washington, Your DeMille Awaits

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has chosen Denzel Washington as the recipient of its 2016 Cecil B. DeMille Award.

The Oscar winner will collect his latest career-reconigzing hardware during the 73rd annual Golden Globe Awards – hosted by Ricky Gervais – on Jan. 10.

Washington has two Golden Globes to his name: one for The Hurricane and another for Glory.

Speaking of people getting honors, Steven Spielberg, Barbra Streisand, Gloria and Emilio Estefan, and Stephen Sondheim are among the folks who will receive a Presidential Medal of Freedom from Barack Obama on Nov. 24.