Sunday, April 26, 2015

Callin’ ’Em Shots

The Other Woman’s Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s becoming the Shot Caller.

The Game of Thrones player has landed the lead in a thriller by that name in which he’ll portray a newly released inmate forced by the leader of his prison gang to carry out a major hit on a rival gang out on the streets of sunny Southern California.

Cameras will roll at the end of next month in New Mexico.


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Y’all Ready for Some Brown Sugar?

If the stripping world should have a racial divide, then, obviously, the whites would their Magic Mike and the blacks..., well they can have their Sexy Chocolate.

Hell yeah, people – get ready to have Robert Ri’chard (Coach Carter) take ya to Chocolate City, a real-cheesy-looking rip-off of the Channing Tatum moneymaker.

Ri’chard plays a nice (and ripped) college student who turns to shakin what his mama gave him in order to, get this, help her pay the bills.

Aww, what a nice boy.

Viviva A. Fox, Tyson Beckford, Ginuwine, and Michael Jai White co-star in the May 22 release.


Potential Rogue

Felicity Jones (and maybe Ben Bendelsohn) may keep the company of Sam Claflin in the forthcoming Star Wars: Rogue One spin-off movie.

Nightcrawler’s Riz Ahmed is supposedly also in talks about joining the blockbuster.

Of course, no details about either part are known at this time. And there you go.


Behold the New Joker

Check him out.

We finally have us an official look at Jared Leto in character as the Joker for the upcoming David Ayer-directed Suicide Squad.

Quite the look, huh.

The star-studded Suicide Squad – Will Smith! Margot Robbie! Viola Davis! – is due out in August of next year.


Paging Ajax

Did you know that the original Daario Naharis of HBO’s Game of Thrones is the new cinematic Transporter?

Indeed, British-born actor Ed Skrein is starring in such a reboot. And he’s also going to be in Ryan ReynoldsDeadpool.

Skrein will play Ajax, the man responsible for Wade Wilson becoming Deadpool and a key figure of the Weapon X program, which transformed him into a super-strong and super-fast villain who cannot feel pain.

Shirtlessness is surely required. And definitely appreciated.


Friday, April 24, 2015

Bruce Jenner Comes Clean

And then, after weeks, if not months and/or even years of speculation and anticipation (which must have been supremely weird to experience), 65-year-old Bruce Jenner finally came out tonight.

Not to bury the lead, but right off the top I/we must commend the Olympian for doing so in his own time and with such dignity – a grace he and his afforded him, not the media at all. It cannot have been easy to navigate these waters of transition, and it certainly cannot have been easy to do so under the constant glare of his newfound brand of celebrity thanks to his ties to the Kardashian phenomenon.

So bravo, Bruce.

Or shall I say...brava.

Jenner, you see, is, indeed, a transgender American, as he confirmed during a highly anticipated interview with Diane Sawyer for ABC’s 20/20, declaring to the world, “I am a woman.

Definitely not a publicity stunt (this in spite of the fact that she – Jenner – will chronicle her transition on a new E! show and “will change the world” by telling her story), the admission of this worst kept of the world’s secrets comes at a time in which great strides have been made on the march toward equality, and, especially, at a time in which the transgender movement in enjoying an all-time momentum. More than model Andreja Pejic or even actress Laverne Cox, Jenner is enjoying the shine of a the double-edged sword of reality-TV fame, and, thus, her platform is immeasurably of the now.

Her contribution was dissected before it was even official, and you best believe it will continue to be until, well...until it is not.

I hope and I trust that she will not squander this privilege, and that her family will rally around her and truly give the world something worth keeping up with moving forward (divorce, schmivorse, Kris Jenner & Co.!). They have earned that responsibility by now.


Update: Following the interview, Bruce Jenner’s estranged wife of 25 years, Kris Jenner, broke her perceived silence on the matter and tweeted she considers the father her children, my hero.

Tarzan’s Ready to Shake It

The Magic Mike XXL powers that be already have been happy to tease us with first look-sees at everyone from star Channing Tatum down to Jada Pinkett Smith – but they really are keeping the Joe Manganiello character poster close to the vest until the last possible moment, alright....

In the meantime, here is Kevin Nash, though.

The wrestler-cum-actor plays Tarzan in the upcoming sequel, and he is in a league all his own. And he is som’in to be liked if ya like it like that, no?

Magic Mike XXL is due out on July 1.

Photo: The Karpel Group.

The Prince Is Coming

Sooo excited!

They have finally gone and made a film based on Antoine de Saint-Exupérys The Little Prince, and it. Looks. Fantastic.

Check out the international trailer for the production, which is debuting at the Cannes Film Festival next month and opening in France later in the summer (an release date stateside is yet to be confirmed).

Directed by the maker of Kung Fu Panda and featuring an all-star voice cast that includes James Franco as The Fox, Marion Cotillard as The Rose, and Ricky Gervais as The Conceited Man, The Little Prince will focus on a curious and smart young girl (Interstellar’s Mackenzie Foy) who, in spite of her overachieving mother’s (Rachel McAdams) objections, befriends the neighbor next door, an old and eccentric aviator – ;) – voiced by Jeff Bridges. Soon, he is telling her stories, and the rest, as you can imagine is quite a story.


Photo: Paramount Pictures.


Well. If you hadn’t figured something like this was bound to happen then you probably don’t read about the comings and goings (and lives) of TV players the way I do.

And that is not a brag.

For months now, Patrick Dempsey’s participation on TV’s Grey’s Anatomy had been diminishing steadily, this in spite of his being the show’s leading man – hello, he was McDreamy! His Dr. Derek Shepherd was shipped off to D.C. to work for the friggin president at the top of the season, a plot point that caused a huge rift at home between the woman he picked, the woman he chose, the woman he loved, Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo). Of course once they got over the bump, Shonda Rhimes and her team of writers would take a page from the Kings of The Good Wife and – Spoiler Alert! – bump him off.

And thus Derek died last night after saving four lives following a real bad car accident from which he surprisingly came out unscathed at first.

He was heroic. His death was tragic (he just couldn’t cheat twice in one day). And now I’m crying.

Was the move precipitated by the Demps and could it have had something do with his bit of off-screen drama?


After 11 years with the hit show, the actor had become restless with playing the same character (again, anyone who reads about TV knows this), and he is going through some marital problems of his own (his wife filed for divorce .... Wanting or needing off the show may have grown into too much of an inevitability, which is why only the inevitable and permanent could happen in the end, as it has usually been the case for other characters on Grey’s Anatomy. Derek and Meredith are...were...the real deal, after all. The show would have had the shadow of a possible return had the couple simply separated or divorced.

So farewell, Derek Shepherd. I shall miss your nobility, your irresistibility, and, not least of all, your perfect hair.


Update: Patrick Dempsey took to Twitter today to thank the fans“for an incredible 11 yrs.

Ya welcome and backatcha, dude.

Darker, Moodier, Sexier

Behold the purported first image of Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel, Fifty Shades Darker, which is set for Feb. 10, 2017.

Titillating stuff, huh.

He said only half-seriously....

The powers that be plan on closing the trilogy with Fifty Shades Freed in 2018.


Dangerous Turn

Johnny Depp’s road to the big screen in the role of real-life former Boston mob boss-turned-FBI informant Whitey Bulger has been a long one (so long it gave us Mortdecai!) – but it looks like the film is almost there now.

I’m talking about Black Mass.

Directed by Scott (Out of the Furnace, Crazy Heart) Cooper, the buzzy film sees Depp disappear into the part, as you can very well see, and Guy Pearce Joel Edgerton playing an FBI agent and Benedict Cumberbatch portraying Whitey’s senator-brother Bill.

Black Mass is scheduled for a Sept. 18 release.


Vrooming Back for Eighths

It’s too massive not to: There will be an eighth entry in the Fast & Furious franchise.

Vin Diesel confirmed as much yesterday, at CinemaCon, the theater-owner convention f.n.a. ShoWest, scorching-hot on the feels of the success of Furious Seven, which has made more $1.1 billion dollars worldwide since coming out at the top of the month.

Fast and Furious 8 is due out on April 14, 2017. It will be directed by a helmer still TBD and feature a cast TBA in the wake of Paul Walkers passing, but it seems Dom & Co. will be speeding through the streets of New York.

Worth pointing out that the powers that be have long envisioned this as a 10-picture endeavor, so best wrap your head around that for good now.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Forest Stud

Chicago Fire star and, you know, Lady GaGa betrothed Taylor Kinney is venturing deep into The Forest.

The studly actor has signed on to shoot a supernatural thriller by that title this summer, with Natalie Dormer.

The Game of Thrones player will portray an American girl who travels to the base of Mount Fuji to look for her (long-lost?) twin only to find a bunch of undead types after wandering into parts she is warned she should avoid.

Two bucks say Kinney plays her man.


Young Community Members

The universally beloved-at-Sundance 2015 film, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, is coming people.

So prepare accordingly.

The indie – an adaptation of the 2013 novel by Jesse Andrews – was directed by TV helmer Alfonso Gomez-Rejon (Red Band Society, Glee), in his debut for the silver screen, and stars Thomas Mann as a low-key high schooler whose mom (Connie Britton) makes him hang out with a girl (Olivia Cooke, of A&E’s Bates Motel) who’s just gotten diagnosed with cancer. Together with his BFF/quote-unquote co-worker, he slowly gets to discovering how worthwhile it can be to opening yourself up to an experience you wanted nothing to do with for some reason....

Ain’t that the truth.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl will be out in theaters on June 12. Check out the trailer now.

Photo: Fox Searchlight Pictures.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Consciously Divorcing Now

Darn – I was still holding out hope these two would get smartly rejoined and back together or som’in.

A little more than a year after consciously uncoupling from Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow reportedly has filed for divorce after more than 11 years of marriage.

Evidently, G.P. filed the papers in L.A. a couple of days ago and the news broke yesterday.

What. I just learned the news from my cable provider’s screensaver – you know, the one that comes on when you pause a show.


Beautiful Bullock

Sandy, Sandy, Sandy.

People magazine had Sandra Bullock on the mind when it came to picking a frontwoman for its Worlds Most Beautiful Issue for 2015?

The Minions baddie, of course, took the news in typical oh-so-Bullocksian fashion. “That’s ridiculous,” the (50-year-old) actress reportedly said when she was told she’d been picked for the honor.

So humble and real, that Sandy. No wonder the powers that be went with her this year.

Also deemed worthy in 2015? Gabrielle Union, Laverne Cox, Taraji P. Henson, and Gigi Hadid, among others.  


Jada...In XXL

Women will represent in Magic Mike XXL, thankyouverymuch.

Yep, it’s not just gonna be Channing Tatum & Co. having all the fun in the July 1 sequel – and the powers that be want us to know it.

Jada Pinkett Smith is leading the way for the ladies taking part in the eagerly awaited blockbuster, as Rome, a new character the boys encounter on the road to this stripper convention the plot of the movie hinges upon (you didn’t really think it was gonna be all P&A now, did ya).

Elizabeth Banks, Amber Heard, and Andie MacDowell also will be featured in the follow-up, but can we get their one-sheets after we get Joe Manganiello’s? The anticipation for that one is much too much to handle.

Photo: The Karpel Group.

Warring Man

Divergent Series: Insurgent star Theo James is diversifying.

The actor has joined the cast of Calvary director John Michael McDonagh’s third film, War on Everyone, which is also set to star Alexander Skarsgård and Ant-Man’s Michael Peña.

Skarsgård and Peña, in fact, will be playing a couple of corrupt New Mexico cops mounting a blackmailing effort on some criminals who balk at their plan and lead them to a much more dangerous individual.

Imma guess James will portray this most dangerous man....


Trans and In Vogue

The times, they keep a-changin!

Vogue – American Vogue – has gone and shone a spotlight on a transgender model for the first time ever in its latest issue (the one with Carey Mulligan on the cover). Andreja Pejic, a 23-year-old Bosnia and Herzegovina-born Australian model, you see, is part of a four-page feature that explores the new frontiers of the modeling world and, thus, of our world.!

Good goin, Anna!


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Let There Be Lumiere

How fun, how great for Emma Watson: Ewan McGregor will be her Lumiere.

The Moulin Rouge! vet has been cast in Disney’s star-studded forthcoming live-action musical adaptation of Beauty and the Beast.

Loves. It!


Update: Stanley Tucci has also boarded the production, as the grand piano Cadenza, a new character that is being introduced to the narrative to add a dash of masterful neurosis.

My, how lovely.

Bomer Time’s Second Coming

Well, hello Ken, ya doll!

Part of the reason we so excited about Magic Mike XXL is, obviously, the anticipation of seeing the oh-so-pretty Matt Bomer grind it once again (and take part in a scene wearing a sarong – hello!), right?

Heck yeah right.

Bomer really gives Channing Tatum et al. a run for their money, huh.

Magic Mike XXL will be abs out in theaters on July 1.

Photo: The Karpel Group.

Pan Falls Instead

We are going to have to wait just a little longer to see Hugh Jackman’s Pan.

The Joe (Hanna, Atonement) Wright-directed Peter Pan origin story – starring newcomer Levi Miller (pictured here with the Awesome Aussie) as P2, Garrett Hedlund as Hook, Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily, and Amanda Seyfried as Mary Darling – was originally meant to be released in theaters on July 17, right. The would-be blockbuster is now set for Oct. 9, though.

The move was made to give “the filmmakers some extra breathing room” to perfect its “very complex effects,” OKRRR. Nothing else.


Teaming Up Again

That Crazy, Stupid, Love father-daugher duo of Steve Carell and Emma Stone is reuniting for a veritable Battle of the Sexes.

Yes, the Foxcatcher and Birdman Oscar nominee are teaming up like Paul Giamatti and Elizabeth Banks and getting ready to play tennis aces Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King in a film about that 1973 tennis match. (The Giamatti-Banks project is for HBO, though.)

Little Miss Sunshine directors Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris are already on board to helm, working from a script by Slumdog Millionaire writer Simon Beaufoy, and on target for a 2016 release.


Monday, April 20, 2015

A Champion of Female Writers

Now this is putting your money where your mouth is.

Three-time Academy Award winner Meryl Streep has long commented on how démodé it is for Hollywood, if not all of America to still be so far behind from the times in terms equality between men and women – on how there’s still a gender pay gap, how women aren’t as represented or as welcomed to represent themselves as men, and how women  certainly aren’t allowed to age without engendering as much prejudice, for instance. So La Streep is doing a little something about it.

It was announced at the Tribeca Film Festival this past weekend, that the actress has funded The Writers Lab, a screenwriters lab for women over 40 spearheaded by New York Women in Film and Television and the collective of women filmmakers IRIS.

Female screenwriters will be to make their submissions between May 1 and June 1, with eight winners to be named on Aug. 1.