Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ray Donovan’s New Gal

I hope this means she won’t have to affect a Boston accent.

Oh, good – it don’t.

Katie Holmes has signed on to guest on the upcoming third season of Showtime’s Ray Donovan. The actress will have a season-long arc as the shrewd-and-chic-businesswoman-daughter of Ian McShane’s character, a new client of Ray’s.

Betcha Holmes ends up in bed with Liev Schreiber, the lucky witch with a B....

Photo: Celebzz.com.

Is a Black Green Lantern Coming?

Sorry, Ryan Reynolds – but you probably, more than likely will not be suiting up as the Green Lantern again.

We all know that.

Tyrese Gibson might be taking over the ring as a member of the Justice League. Or so the Furious 7 star would like us to think.

Gibson Insta-teased his possible involvement in the Marvelfication of the DC Comicsverse last week, y’ see.

Right now, though, it looks like its all posturing by the actor to land the role, but, hey...it could happen.

Photo: BellaNaija.com.

She’s Belle!

Well alright then.

It took three years to confirm, but, yes, Emma Watson – #HeForShe shout-out! – will play Belle in an upcoming live-action musical telling of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Guillermo del Toro Bill Condon (Dreamgirls) will direct.

Cameras are set to roll later this year.

Photo: CelebMafia.com.

Not Into the Squad

Hit a snag much?

The Suicide Squad movie is having a bit of a tough time finding its new Rick Flag in the wake of Tom Hardy’s departure from the production.

Rumor had it the powers that be were looking at Jake Gyllenhaal to replace Hardy as the elite soldier-character, but the Gyllen-yum reportedly has said thanks, but no thanks.

Who shall it be, who shall it be?

We better find out soon because Suicide Squad – starring Will Smith, Jared Leto, Jai Courtney, and Viola Davis – is meant to start shooting in April for an August 2016 release.

Photo: LATimes.com.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Married No Moore


Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams have called it quits.

The married-since-2009 couple announced that they have mutually decided to end their (still-somewhat-surprising) marriage after almost six years together.

Their rep says that all is cool and respectful and amicable between the two, so I am sure this one will go down as privately as it started and unfolded.

Just like M2 and Adams would want it.

Photo: E! Online.

Birdman’s Big Weekend

And the awards-season plot thickens.

Looks like Boyhood is not, shall not coast to that widely anticipated Academy Award Best Picture win without a fight from Birdman, after all.

So adjust your expectations (not to mention your stake on the that office pool you probably got going on with your mates at work).


Because Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s won the 2015 Producers Guild Award on Saturday night, and just last night, the film’s Michael Keaton-led cast picked up the Best Ensemble Actor at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, which also recognized Eddie Redmayne, Julianne Moore, J.K. Simmons, and Patricia Arquette with some cool hardware for their work on The Theory of Everything, Still AliceWhiplash, and Boyhood, respectively.

Who will win the Oscar come Feb. 22? So hard to say right now. His favor might be easier to discern once the Directors Guild Award is announced on Feb. 7, though. If the helmers go with Richard Linklater that’ll tell me that they heart his experiment of a film just a tad better than Iñárritu’s, which, this year, absolutely means something.

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Julia’s Bringing Batkid to the Movies!

They are making a movie out of the story of Batkid, and I think that that is fantastic.

Julia Roberts is going to produce and star in Batkid, a film based on the 2015 Slamdance title Batkid Begins: The Wish Heard Around the Word, a doc that chronicles young Miles Scott’s Make-A-Wish desire to spend a day back as a sidekick to Batman.

You remember how #Batkid took over your Twitter feed back in November 2013?

Well, get ready for more.

Photo: Parade.com.

Friday, January 23, 2015

A New Jean Grey

Sophie Tuner is the new Famke Janssen.

Meaning Sophie Turner is going to play young Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse, of course.

Indeed, the Game of Thrones player will take over for Janssen in the sequel-prequel-whateverequel, which already has Oscar Isaac on board as the villainous Apocalypse.

Tye Sheridan (Joe, Mud) will take on the Cyclops character (bye, James Marsden!), while Alexandra Shipp (Lifetime’s Aaliyah) will play a young Storm (portrayed until now by Halle Berry).

Photo: Independent.co.uk.

Supergirl Found

In case you missed it this week, CBS has found its Supergirl.

Melissa Benoist (Whiplash, TVs Glee) has been cast in Greg Berlanti’s latest superhero production (he’s also behind The CW’s Arrow and The Flash) – a proposition that will probably premiere in the fall.

Based on the DC Comics character, Supergirl will center on Kara Zor-El, Superman’s Kryptonian cousin and a young lady who has been going incognito on Earth who, at age 24, decides to embrace her out-of-this-world awesomeness and become the hero she was always meant to be.


Photo: FanPop.com.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lion Woman

A boy sets out to find his family and it takes him 20 years to do so.

That, evidently, is the plot of Saroo Brierleys A Long Way Home, which is now becoming a film titled Lion that will star Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel (the upcoming Chappie).

The film will chronicle the kid’s tenacious search (Google Earth is involved!), which begins after he gets separated from his family, at the age of 5, on a train in India, and includes his adoption by a couple from Down Under (I shall guess Kidman will be portraying the mother figure in this scenario...).

The Weinstein Company reportedly will distribute the film stateside, so you know and can expect that there will be a major push for awards consideration when the time comes.

Photo: Zimbio.com.

He Just Wants to Be Bad, Huh?

Charlie Hunnam must have liked playing bad on FX’s Sons of Anarchy’cause there he goes again.

Well, yes...I know that his being bad on the show was all relative.


The actor has signed to star in American Drug Lord, the story of Edgar Valdez, a.k.a. La Barbie, the only American to rise to the leadership ranks of the Mexican cartel.

Hunnam will co-produce the film, which Jason Hall (American Sniper) is writing.

Photo: PopSugar.com.

Zachary the Hero

Wonder what this means for that Eva Longoria-produced musical project he was gonna work on for NBC....

No matter. Zachary Levi will play for the Peacock once again.

The erstwhile Chuck, y’ see, will star on Heroes: Reborn, a limited-miniseries rebirth of the started-out-good-but... 2006-2010 show.

His role on the new incarnation remains a secret for now, though.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Live Earth 2015 Is Happening!

There will be a Live Earth concert this year, people.

So plan your June 18 accordingly.

Indeed, Live Earth co-founder Al Gore and Pharrell, the 2015 event’s creative director, announced today in Davos, Switzerland, that Live Earth: Road to Paris has been designed as a lead-up event to the United Nations climate change conference that is scheduled to take place in France this December. No word on who will be taking to stages around the world yet.

The last time a Live Earth concert was mounted was in 2007. It featured performances by more than 100 artists (including Madonna, and Damien Rice and David Gray) from all seven continents.

Click here for more information about Live Earth: Road to Paris.

Photo: EW.com.

Felicity Wars

She has an Academy Award nomination under her belt this year, for last fall’s The Theory of Everything, but soon...soon she might venturing into a galaxy far, far away.

Felicity Jones is said to be in the running for a role in the Star Wars spin-off that Gareth Edwards (Godzilla) is working on for a December 2016 release.

So are Rooney Mara and Tatiana Maslany (BBC America’s Orphan Black), actually.

Can’t wait to see who lands parts on this project...or to find out what the movie will be all about....

Photo: TheInscriberMag.com.

Hudson Hide

Oliver Hudson has embraced the Internet.

The snake of TV’s Nashville joined Instagram recently, and in between pics of himself with friends and co-stars and fun family throwbacks, he decided to stay true to what he said in his first caption – the actor promised his followers the chance “to experience the real Oliver.. No filters no inhibitions.. Just me both figuratively and literally...but naked..” – and went and dropped trou for our enjoyment. Much to his sister Kates consternation.

What...a giver.

And what a cute, if lily white, ass.

Photo: Instagram.com/theoliverhudson.

Cooling Down

Into the Woods’ Emily Blunt wants to get with The Huntsman.

And who wouldn’t! Chris Hemsworth plays the character, after all.


But I digress.

Back to Blunt.

The actress reportedly is circling a part in the project, a prequel/sequel hybrid of sorts, the story of which some say will center on Hemsworth’s titular character and Charlize Theron’s wicked Ravenna before they ever met Snow White (played in the 2012 original by Kristen Stewart), while others say the yarn to be spun will be all about the Huntsman’s mission to recover the stolen magic mirror (a task that puts him on a path to encounter the Snow Queen, Ravenna’s just-as-evil revenge-seeking sister.

Blunt would play the Snow Queen.

The Huntsman was originally going to be directed by Frank Darabont, but he left the production over creative differences with the powers that be. So Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, the first movie’s Oscar-nominated visual effects supervisor, will be taking over the helm and readying the darn thing for an April 2016 release.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Good Sport

Think and say what you will about Justin Bieber, but the kid’s a good sport.

He must be.

How else to explain the singer-turned-model’s agreeing to be roasted by Comedy Central this year.

“For years,” he tweeted earlier today, “I have wanted [them] to roast me. They said only if I provided them w/ more material so for a year now I have worked hard[.] Finally after all that hard work for my 21st birthday it’s happening.

FYI: Bieber will turn 21 on March 1. And I betcha Comedy Central will throw him one heckuva party.

Photo: NYDailyNews.com.