Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Consider This One Barackd!

It was just called a little while ago: Barack Obama has won his bid for re-election for the presidency of the United States. (Great birthday present, honeys!)

It’s like, the man is making history all over again.

And I love it. Respect.

So, sorry, Mitt Romney – I am sure your heartbreak will be cushioned by a million dollars. Or is that a billion? Paul Ryan, you cutie-patootie, you – I have a hug with your name on it if you need one, and I live on South Beach (let’s up the results yielded when people Google your name looking for shirtlessness). Oh, hey, look – you get to keep your seat in the House.

And to you, Roseanne – your effort was nuts...and entertaining (thanks for that).

Here’s the funny thing, though: I had no dog in this fight, but I certainly had a few thoughts on it.

I’ve never had a say in American politics because, as a Peruvian national and a temporary guest in the United States, I’ve never gotten to cast a vote here. However, I’ve gotten to observe and form an opinion...a taste, if you will.

And it tastes blue.

There is a lot that the Democrats leave to be desired from where I stand, chiefly when it comes to immigration and equal rights for all, but those shortcomings aren’t as offensive to me as those of some on the red side. A lot of Republicans – mostly those who run for office and their followers – have this moralistic, holier-than-thou stance on things...on the issues that folks voted today. They’re short-sighted, and say, for instance, that government shouldn’t be as involved in people’s lives, yet one need only look at some of the s--- they insert themselves in through policy to wanna go like, WTF: What do you mean a dude can’t marry a dude...that that’s not what a family makes...that that goes against the foundation of marriage?

Like, piss off!

And what is this about forcible rape being the only justification for an abortion? Rape, by definition, is always forcible, stoopid guy who said something along those lines (I hear you lost tonight, so tee hee).

You know....

You certainly do, better than yours truly. But I digress.

Republicans, from where I stand, play a little dirty. I admire that, in a way, because politics are dirty business. The Democrats, bless them – they’re sometimes too into being diplomatic and polite, IMHO. They don’t get in there...in the mud.

But when the stars align, they get the job done.

Bill Clinton is a fine example of that, obviously. Generationally speaking, he’s my main and prime example.

Barack Obama is on his way toward a different shade – no pun intended (ha!) – of greatness. He had a mess to work with, and anyone who expected him to clean it up in four years, and even less than that, was loco. You know who you are. And, hey, lest you forget, Osama bin Laden was brought down under his watch. No Mission Accomplished” nonsense needed. He has done more than he has been allowed, for lack of a better word at this time.

I supported Obama and have continued to support him and will continue to do so from afar.

Ah, yes, from afar. I say that because after 12 years here, my stay in the United States, my coming-of-age land, is coming to an end.

And here’s what I want from President Obama, as a return on my limited investment on his campaigns (I don’t have Hollywood money, but my modest contributions, I feel, have earned me the right to put my ask out there).

I want the next four years to bring folks who are in a similar position as I am now more options.

Obama & Co. need to work on immigration reform for lawful immigrants. I was a young’un who came here to go to college, stayed on a work visa, got my visa extended – the works. All by the book. I came here prepared, knowing English, speaking it a heckuva lot better than a lot of the Americans I know (and with a cute, sassy inflection, too), with plenty of understanding of American history and how the system of government works here. I couldn’t point out some of the country’s states on a map, but I know where a lot of cities are. Even some obscure ones like Dillon.

Relax. That
’s just a pop culture reference. That’s how I meant it, anyway.

The point is, I gotta go because the only option I have left to stay here and keep contributing to this society, paying my taxes, drinking and eating your fine drinks and food, helping out the tourism industry of South Florida by...showing tourists around (wink, wink), living that famous America Dream, is to tell a lie. I will not pledge allegiance to a flag based on one. I will not work another hour based on one. I fib – that is not the point. But just like y’all don’t negotiate with terrorists, I don’t like it when you put baby in a corner.

And, sorry, but that’s kinda f---ed, pardon my French. No way to treat a guest.

What chafes my bum is the government is making a lot of concessions for unlawful immigrants. Some deserved, some not. That’s not fair. That doesn’t and won’t necessarily move this country forward. I worked for my slice, and, darn it, I want me pepperoni. But since I can’t have it I shall bow out gracefully.

So that’s one thing.

The other is this is the United States of freakin’ America. How is it possible that this great nation is not offering equal rights to all its peoples?

You’ve, not doubt heard the clich├ęs: Love is love, and everyone should have the option to marry and divorce and inherit and visit each other in the hospital equal-friggin’-ly. Gays and lesbians and bisexuals and transgenders and those questioning and their allies aren’t demons. Like, we’re not out to hurt anyone. You don’t need to hide yo’ wives, hide yo’ kids, and arm yourself to the teeth (I won’t event get into that one).

Anyway, this ties back to my previous point: If equal rights for all, if same-sex marriage was a thing in a America – a fully recognized and respected thing (good job on DADT...liking how DOMA is going, and by that I mean I like it’s going down) – then, perhaps, I wouldn’t be leaving next month. After 12 years.

Then again, I would have had to luck out in other areas of my life, but that’s neither here nor there, so don’t be a gossip.

So here’s what I would like...heck, what I want, President Obama, other than fixing economy, keeping gas prices down, doing more for education, etc.

I want him to look into reforming and expanding the immigration options for people in my position. Every case is different, I know. But if I can type this up and tell you there are some good eggs out there that America is...not throwing out but, say, not recognizing, that is a loss for your constituents. My leaving is a loss for your people. At least for those I've come to meet and love here and somehow, by some immense gift of the universe, have had love it in my yard (my milkshake has It, whaddya want). You know what I mean...do not make me act the mushy fool now.

And look into affording all his people the same privileges those famous forefathers of yours worked so hard to put quill to parchment to ensure as law. Nothing more, nothing less.

Congrats on the win, my Ds. I still have hope.

Now onward and forward. For all.

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