Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Good Doctor Is Coming

Buzzed-about House of Cards star Corey Stoll is ready to go from supporting player to leading man.

And he will, thanks to Guillermo del Toro.

The director has cast the Emmy-worthy actor to play Dr. Ephraim Goodweather in FX’s The Strain, a potential series based on the vampire trilogy by del Toro and Chuck Hogan.

Stoll’s character is the head of the CDC’s Canary Team in New York City – a team investigating a viral outbreak that traces back to an old and evil strain of vampirism.

Do we think we have as a new Walking Dead in our hands, guys?


The Future of Grey Sloan Memorial

Happy news, Grey’s Anatomy fans: Four out of the latest class of five interns will be back for sure at Seattle Grace Mercy West Grey Sloan Memorial next fall.

On the regular.

Thanks to their seamlessly successful incorporation into the hospital drama, Camilla Luddington, Tessa Ferrer, and Jerrika Hinton have been promoted and will be sticking around the upcoming 10th season.

Ditto Gaius Charles.

No word on whether Tina Majorino will keep recurring or if she’s done with the show given that she’s got a gig on TNT’s Legends and all.


Friday, June 28, 2013

From Norway with Much Funky Love

Make room, Robyn: I have a new musical obsession that hails from the north.

I just said that like they do in Game of Thrones, btw.

His name is Jarle Bernhoft, and he’s a funky Norwegian singer-songwriter-musician – and his “C’mon Talk” is the s---, y’all.

Bit of a cutie, too, huh.

Oh, and hey...speaking of Robyn, check this out.


Just Because, Pt. 93

And now, for my first imaginary play – again, what follows is fiction – I give you a didn’t-happen exchange between John Travolta and David Beckham at the opening of the Breitling flagship store in London last night.

John: “OMG, so nice to see you, David! So...since the Kelly and Posh are home, will show me how Beckham...bends it?

Becks: [Polite giggles] No chance, girl. I like my shish kabob without the bob. See ya inside, mate.

John: “Oh you tease!

And scene.


Hot Pool Brothers

Sometimes this stuff just writes itself.

Doing their part to steam up the season, here come BILF Val and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, everybody. 

The pair took their hotness to Vegas yesterday, for a hosting gig at the LIQUID Pool Lounge.

So far we’ve gotten the goods from Derek Hough, Sofia Vergara, and now these fellas.

Who will be next?


1D in 3-D

Coming to a big screen near you, the story of five normal lads having the time of their lives.

It’s One Direction’s This Is Us.

You gon’ join the party?

This Is Us – which was captured by Morgan Spurlock, mind you – opens at the end of August.

OMG, It’s Ila

I am thinking that NoahDarren Aronofsky’s cinematic take on the biblical account of Noah’s journey, will pull a miracle of sorts and restore the luster on Russell Crowe’s star.

Yes I do.

See, the actor’s turn in Les Misérables was widely panned, and then some (I thought he was fine), and there are more than a few folks out there that thought he was not all that great in Man of Steel, too.

Oh well, hes still Russell friggin Crowe – and he thinks people are gonna be surprised by the film and, by extend, by his performance in it, so I guess that, yeah...we can suck it.

Anyway, a film like Noah can’t just feature Crowe. For one, I imagine there will be lots of animals involved, and, for two, there also will be lots of human co-stars to support the Aussie, like Jennifer Connelly, who will play Noah’s wife, Logan Lerman, who will portray his eldest son, and Anthony Hopkins as Methusaleh.

Also on board? Bling Ring star Emma Watson as Ila, the wife of Noah’s son Shem (Douglas Booth). Check out the first-look pic of the actress in character, and get ready for Noah to wash up in theaters next spring.


Update: Oh, and hey...while I have ya, I thought you might like to know that Emma Watson is going to star in a new potential franchise based on a trio of novels by Erika Johansen.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

What Does Marvel Want with Vin Diesel?

Vin Diesel musta been geeking out a little but because he let the cat outta the bag himself: Marvel has come a-callin.

“Marvel has requested a meeting,” the Fast & Furious 6 star posted on his Facebook yesterday a couple of days ago. “No idea what for...[.] [H]aha, you probably know better than me.

Dude, I don’t – no one but y’all can know for sure. But that don’t mean some of us aren’t happy to speculate.

Hope the guy keeps us posted....


Madame President of Panem

So does this mean that Donald Sutherland’s President Snow doesn’t make it past The Hunger Games: Catching Fire?

What – I never did read the books.

Do not judge me.

Going back to the original question, which I ask because rumor has it that Julianne Moore has been offered the part of President Coin in the Hunger Games: Mockingjay movies.

I understand that the character is quite the bitch, so it will be all kinds of funsies to see Jennifer Lawrences Katniss stand up to her, yeah?


Summer Lady

There’s a Beach Boys biopic in the works, and Elizabeth Banks is gonna be a part of it.

The actress has signed on to join John Cusack, Paul Dano, and Paul Giamatti in Love & Mercy, as Brian Wilson’s wife Melinda.

Dano and Cusack will play share the role of Wilson, so the movie can cover different stages of the musician’s life, including his emergence with the band, his nervous breakdown, and his recent resurgence.

Now, while I know this movies probably gonna get a push come awards season whenever it comes out (probably next year), I think this should hit theaters at some point during the summer.

The soundtrack would absolutely beg for it.

Am I right or am I right?


The Pair Will Be All Right

Flaunting it in your forties on film if you’re a lady?

Hells, yes it’s a thing now, thanks to Jennifer Aniston, who will do so this summer, and Gwyneth Paltrow, who will follow suit in the fall.

See, Brad Pitt’s ex-wife will show us what her mama gave her in the upcoming comedy We’re the Millers, while Pitt’s old fiancé will do her part in Stuart Blumberg’s Thanks for Sharing, the story of a recovering sex addict (Mark Ruffalo) giving a relationship a go with a woman who’s the real deal (G.P.).

Trust, you wanna check out the trailer. Paltrow’s badonkadonk will have you GOOPing in no time.

Josh Gad, Joely Richardson, and Alecia Moore, a.k.a. Pink, co-star, the latter of them in what, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle notwithstanding, is her feature-film debut.


Op Cuties

Well these two look all-American good.

Kellan Lutz and Katrina Bowden (TV’s 30 Rock) are showing off their hard-earned hot bods – she spins and takes Pilates barre classes; he stays in shape like this and like this – in the new Op summer campaign.

The photos have them posing in quintessentially summer campaign, like eating burgers and ice cream and all-around cavorting in cute, light clothes. Fun stuff.

And in Lutz’s case – thank goodness – all shirtless and ripped and whatnot.


Pullin’ a Jon Hamm, Justin Theroux?

Uh, am I seeing things, or did Justin Theroux pull a Jon Hamm while on location for his HBO pilot The Leftovers yesterday?

Just focus your attention on the center of the pic.



Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hopping On

I tell ya, watch out for that hottie James Badge Dale.

The star of AMC’s little-seen Rubicon played a pivotal part in Iron Man 3 earlier this (cinematic) summer, and he’s in both World War Z and The Lone Ranger.

He’s one to watch, OK. Quite probably the next Taylor Kitsch, but – and it pains me to say this – y’ know...with the actual hits to back up the statement.

Anyway, JBD is gonna keep playing it smart by not carrying a big-time movie quite just yet: he has joined the cast of the forthcoming comedy Stretch.

Patrick Wilson is actually starring in the Joe Carnahan-directed project, as a down-on-his-luck chauffeur who drives around a mysterious billionaire (Chris Pine) to get rid of his debt.

Production is set to get underway in L.A. this weekend. No details about JBD’s part in the movie have been released, but I think we can all agree he’ll be playing someone attractive.


Back in Session?

Cameron Diaz showed us how good it could be to be a Bad Teacher in 2011 – and girlfriend may not be done schooling us quite just yet.

Evidently, Columbia Pictures liked Diaz’s take on education, so it is looking to get her to reprise her role as Elizabeth Halsey in a sequel.

The actress is not officially on board, though. Not yet, anyway.

A Bad Teacher spin-off starring Ari Graynor is coming to TV in the fall.

Photo: Sony Pictures.

Update: Oh, btw – Diaz is gonna play Miss Hannigan in the remake of Annie.

Which is kinda interesting because if you saw My Best Friends Wedding you know girlfriend cant sing.

Guess Sandra Bullock snoozed twice.

You’ve Been a Bad Boy, Mr. Counselor

Ridley Scott’s The Counselor is coming.

And I love it because that means a delicious new order of Michael Fassbender is coming right up with it.

The Fass is starring in the Oct. 25 film, a drama based on Cormac McCarthy’s first – and unsold – original script. The story centers on a lawyer, looking to make some extra dough, gets involved in a one-time drug deal that just doesn’t end well

Penélope CruzCameron DiazJavier Bardem, and Brad Pitt (and his crazy long hair) co-star.



The Supreme Court of the United States made history for the LGBT community of America by beginning to rewrite its future: DOMA is dead.

Yes! Equality will prevail!

In a 5-4 decision, SCOTUS struck down the 1996 Defense of Marriage act, which prevented the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriage, by ruling that DOMA is an unconstitutional deprivation of equal liberty, a violation of the Fifth Amendment.

Same-sex couples will now have such federal benefits as tax breaks and insurance for government employees.

Alright...right on! Now, what does this mean for binational same-sex couples and their immigration rights? Gotta know now.


Update 1: Got questions about what this means for immigration, like I did? Then check out this comprehensive list of answers from Immigration Equality.

Update 2: Prop 8 has no standing! Right on for California!

Update 3: Click here for Hollywoods reaction to the awesome news, including that of Kristen Bell, Damon Lindelof, and Sandra Bernhard.

And here for Madonnas gleeful reaction to the ruling.

Update 4: Check out what Edie Windsor, the woman who filed the original case that led to his watershed moment, had to say about todays decision.

“We won everything we asked and hoped for,” she said.

Nothing more and, thank goodness, nothing less. Equal.

Thank you, Edie!

Update 5: Barack Obama and the Clintons also have expressed their joy over the SCOTUS ruling in favor of equality.

In the case of Bill Clinton it holds a little extra significance, for he infamously signed DOMA into law back in 96.

Update 6: So has Macklemore.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Two Mothers and Their Boys

This fall, Naomi Watts and Robin Wright are gonna go there, cougar-style, with each other’s sons.

On screen.

For director Anne Fontaine (Coco Before Chanel).

In a complex story the likes of which we probably haven’t seen like, ever.

The actresses are starring in the sure-to-be-stirring Adore, f.k.a. Two Mothers. This is the story of how two BFF living Down Under start, well...doing seeing each other’s twentysomething sons (Xavier Samuel from The Twilight Saga and James Frecheville), and how this complicates and changes their relationships with one another forever.

So it’s a family film. Not!

It’s awards bait and a conversation piece at best, and at worse, just a conversation piece.

Check Adore out when it rolls out in theaters on Sept. 6.


A Herculean Foe

Well, hello there, Tobias Santelmann – how you doin.

And do come this way to make your English-language debut if you like.

Alright, fine. Go to Brett Ratner first.

The German-born Norwegian actor – one of the guys in the Oscar-nominated Kon-Tiki – is set to co-star Hercules for the Rush Hour director, opposite Dwayne Johnson, as Rhesus, the No. 1 nemesis of the Greek god who, in this movie, will be a mortal mercenary.

You can expect to see this tentpole-y showdown next summer.

So.... Welcome to Hollywood, Mr. Santelmann. Need anything?

Perhaps a towel boy for your Rock-like gym routines as you prep for this movie?


In the Wake of the Titanic

Anne Hathaway wants to tell a tall tale about the sinking of the Titanic.

The Oscar winner is looking to star in the adaptation of The Lifeboat, a novel by Carlotte Rogan about a woman – a newlywed and a widow – who survived the infamous transatlantic’s tragedy only to face charges of murder in 1914 due to the deaths on the lifeboat she shared with 38 people. about not catching a break.

Hathaway would also produce the project, which is still look for a director.


An Uncle the Way of Downton Goes

It would appear the fourth season finale of PBS’s Downton Abbey is gonna feature more of Lady Cora’s (Elizabeth McGovern) family.

On top of returning-guester Shirley MacLaine – who plays her mother, right? – the show has recruited Paul Giamatti to play Cora’s brother, a maverick of sorts who is also very much quite the playboy.

A hosting tip for the the awesome Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith): No Merlot.

Tee hee.


Back for Thirds

Somewhere right now, Bruce Willis is wondering WTF Liam Neeson think he is that he won’t die easy, cinematically speaking, and get off his Badass Dad throne.

I say this because Neeson is in talks to reprise his career-overhauling role as Bryan Mills in a third Taken movie.

Indeed, Taken 3 is in the works, and the threequel, about the CIA agent who’s a mean ol’ softie when it comes to his family, could serve as Neeson’s induction into the 20 Million Dollar Club.

You go, with your hot 61-year-old self, Liam Neeson!


Monday, June 24, 2013

Spidey’s New Gal

Is there some behind-the-scenes drama going on over at The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Well, to answer my own questions swiftly: No.
See, the thing is last week came word that Shailene Woodley will not be appearing as Mary Jane Watson in next year’s sequel due to a creative decision – but that the It Girl’s totally on board for The Amazing Spider-Man 3, right.

But then a report said that Cosmopolis star Sarah Gadon had been hired to take over the role.

Ah, but before the rumor mill could hit overdrive, Gadon herself took to Twitter to deny that bit of business and to confirm that she does, indeed, have a part in the movie, just “not that one.

OK then.