Friday, May 13, 2016

Altered Kinnaman

Joel Kinnaman is getting back in bed with Netflix, the home of the final season of his breakout show, The Killing, and that of the current one he graces, House of Cards.

The Suicide Squad actor is set to headline Altered Carbon for the streamer.

A futuristic drama based on the cyberpunk sci-fi novel(s) by Richard Morgan, the project will be set in the 25th century (well, ain’t that hopeful!), a time when the human mind has been effectively digitized and our souls can be carried over from body to body – if you really like yours.

Kinnaman will portray Takeshi Kovacs, a former elite interstellar warrior fresh off a 500-year prison sentence, who gets downloaded into a future he desperately tried to avoid with one special mission: Solve a single murder in a tech-driven world that has made death a thing of the past, get a chance at a new life on Earth.

Simple, huh?

Likely not all.

This could make for some good Netflix and chillin’.


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