Friday, May 20, 2016

Youth in the Flesh

Here we go.

Nicolas Winding Refn is not the kind of filmmaker everyone likes or gets – so if you didn’t care for his 2011 breakthrough, Drive, or 2013’s Only God Forgives (especially the latter), then his latest, the horror thriller The Neon Demon, might not be for you. (Kudos if you saw 2008’s Bronson, which starred Tom Hardy. I didn’t, but I like to think I plan to.)

The Danish director’s stylish new film stars Elle Fanning as Jesse, an wannabe-model ingénue fresh off the bus in Los Angeles, and chronicles how her ethereal youth and vitality are coveted by a group of beauty-obsessed women that want to devour her.

Alas, Jesse is dangerous. She’s always known she was because her mother used to tell her so. So she is.

And any of dem bitches better watch out.

Check out the film’s trailer now, and mark your calendars for its opening on June 24.

The Neon Demon, btw, co-stars Dark Shadows’ Bella Heathcote, Christina Hendricks, Keanu ReevesMad Max: Fury Road’s Abbey Lee, and Jena Malone.


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