Friday, May 20, 2016

Feel at Your Own Risk

Think you can handle yet another dystopian-future movie starring a couple of PYT?

C’mon. What if I told ya this one looks really, really it carries some weight?

I promise.

I mean, Drake Doremus, the director of Like Crazy, is behind it.


See, I’m talking about Equals, starring Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart. It’s the story about a future in which physical contact and feeling feelings are forbidden, for all of that poses a danger to societal order. Free will is essentially a thing of the past, and the most innocuous sign of emotion can spell doom for you and anyone you get to emote with ya.

You see where this ones going, right? Hoult and K. Stew are, of course, going to break the rules.

Because love.

And its going to be a glorious thing to watch. And that you should when Equals begins to be released on May 26, through DirecTV Cinema, before getting a beyond-limited, I bet, theatrical release on July 15.

Here is your first look at Equals.


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