Thursday, March 10, 2011

It Would Be a Huge Mistake to Tease

Jason Bateman really, really wants us to keep the faith a movie is, indeed, coming, Arrested Development fans.

While promoting the upcoming comedy Paul this week, the actor assured the folks at MTV News that even though he hasn’t seen a finished script, he knows the long-gestating project’s going to be all that and a frozen banana.

“Yes. It’s...yes. It’s incredible,” Bateman
said. “It’s everything you would want it to be and more. I really hope [show mastermind Mitch Hurwitz] finishes it soon so we can have a shot of doing it before the end of the year.”

The erstwhile Michael Bluth is confident the powers that be will be able to pull it together and start rolling before the end of the year.

Marry me, this is good!


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