Tuesday, March 01, 2011

And He’s Out

Oh. Mon. Dior.

Well, as we know, in fashion, one day you are in…and the next, if you, say, go and have yourself a public, anti-Semitic meltdown, you best believe you’ll be out.

Christian Dior
has fired head designer John Galliano in the wake of the remarks he allegedly made on two occasions. Galliano was initially suspended after he was arrested in Paris on Feb. 25 for his vitriol.

The fashion house decided to cut the fashionista loose after a video showing him purportedly making similar comments on another occasion surfaced over the weekend, which led Natalie Portman to
cut ties with him as well.

The actress has decided “not [to] be associated with [Galliano] in any way,” and that included foregoing wearing Dior to the Oscars, opting for Rodarte instead.

Hateration is so last…forget season – so last century.

Photo: newsoxy.com.

Update: It was inevitable: John Galliano is bound for rehab.

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