Monday, March 21, 2011

GLAAD for Ricky et al.

It was a fantastically gay weekend to be in New York City as GLAAD
honored Ricky Martin, HBO’s True Blood, TV’s 30 Rock, and Russell Simmons at its 22nd Annual Media Awards ceremony.

The organization will celebrate other winners, including Kristin Chenoweth, at a ceremony in Los Angeles next month and at an event in San Francisco in May.

Martin, who received the
Vito Russo Award as an out entertainer, encouraged GLAAD to further its cause in Latin America, offering to help spread its message throughout the region.

“Let’s share the love!” the headed-back-to-Broadway (hot) multi-hyphenate
said. “Let’s go to Mexico! Let’s go to Colombia! Let’s go to Argentina! Let’s go to Chile! Let’s go to Brazil! We need you GLAAD – we need you down there. I can help, I can do it! I’ll be part of it. I want to be part of it.”

Good for him for wanting to effect change, alright.


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