Sunday, September 25, 2016

See Jane Do Sunday Mornings

Ask around my house and you will hear I called it.

Jane Pauley will replace the departing Charles Osgood as the anchor of the best show on TV, CBS News Sunday Morning.

Osgood, who is retiring from from the show after 22 seasons but will continue to see us on the radio thanks to his “Osgood File,” hosted his final edition of Sunday Morning today. 

Pauley, a contributor to and substitute host on the show since 2014, will debut as its new anchor on Oct. 9. When she does she will become only the third person to take on the role for the show during its 37-year history.

The broadcaster – one of the faces of NBC for a good couple of decades last century – says she, “look[s] forward to bringing loyal viewers the kind of engaging, original reporting that has made the broadcast so irresistible for so long.”

#YasQueen! In Pauley I trust.

And, again, I say: Thanks for everything, Charlie. I shall miss you on the telly.


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