Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Margot on a Saturday

You’ve heard, yeah?

No, not that Tom Brady can be very bashful whilst sunbathing in the buff but that Margot Robbie’s hosting the 42nd season premiere of TV’s Saturday Night Live this weekend, with musical guest The Weeknd.

A fine, fun choice, except for the fact that I thought that SNL should and would pick someone a little more relevant, in the sense that I was anticipating someone who could set a certain tone for the year to come, given all the conflict plaguing America these days. I mean, the show historically has strived to make light of the day to day, which includes all the real-life drama we now witness 24/7/365.

More importantly, the powers that be did take to Twitter this summer to ask folks who they’d/we’d like to see say those famed seven words....

La Robbie may not have been one of my top choices – but I do look forward to having her give us a laugh on Oct. 1.


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