Friday, November 30, 2012

Need a Ride, You DILF?

Oh, to be in New York, riding around town, spotting an Awesome Aussie right about now....

Raise your hand if you wouldn’t leave screech marks breaking for Hugh Jackman.


So can’t wait for Les Misérables to open, already.


Keeping Warm in LDN

I wish I was in London with Jakey-bear.

That’s all folks.

And lemme tell ya, if I was with Jake Gyllenhaal, the pic at right would totally have him grinning ear to ear.

I guess If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet has finished its run off-Broadway?


Thursday, November 29, 2012

The (Ultimate) Activist Next to the Whistleblower


It looks like that dream pairing of Benedict Cumberbatch and James McAvoy will have to happen another day.

The X-Men: First Class star will not be playing opposite the Sherlock star in that movie about Julian Assange that director Bill Condon is prepping, after all.

Instead, the role of Daniel Domscheit-Berg, the activist who helped the whistleblower build the infamous WikiLeaks website, will be played by Daniel Brühl.

If the baby-faced Spaniard looks familiar that’s because you are probably remembering him from Inglourious Basterds.


Lindsay Throwing Punches

Holy hellcat.

Lindsay Lohan must think getting arrested is like playing that lottery, that if she does it just right...windfall!

That’s ’cause, oops, she’s gone and done it again.

And, oof, her crimes are getting trashier and trashier.

The Liz & Dick actress was arrested earlier today – this makes, what, her 57th run-in with the law? – for allegedly punching a woman at Avenue, a New York City club. And get this, it looks like gf was about to leave the scene when the cops got there (she reportedly was sitting in the passenger seat of a car).

OK, I’m done with this chick.

The Lindsay Lohan I once lived for ain’t never ever coming back.

Like, ever


Update: Jinkies! When it rains in Lohanville it most definitely pours.

L2 is facing potential jail time now that prosecutors in Santa Monica, Calif., have charged the hot mess with three misdemeanors for lying to police in connection to a car accident she had like, six months ago.

In case you are having trouble keeping her accidents straight, this is the one in which she crashed her Porsche into the back of a dump truck on her way to or from the set of Liz & Dick.

So Feelin’ It

The need for speed, that is.

Dominic Cooper (The Devil’s Double; pictured here) and Aaron Paul (AMC’s Breaking Bad) are set to star in Need for Speed, an adaptation of the videogame franchise about the world of underground car racing.

Ooh, childs – I cannot wait to see these two looking all rugged and s---.

’Cause they can’t possibly be playing pretty-boy racers, right?


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Good for You, Ben Affleck!

Well, it’s official: Everybody loves Ben Affleck (again).

The Good Will Hunting Oscar winner and celebrated director of The Town and this awards seasonbuzzed-about Argo, has been named Entertainment Weekly’s Entertainer of the Year for 2012.

Argo producer George Clooney was asked to write about Affleck for this oh-so-special issue of the magazine, and the sexy beast had this to say: “Hollywood loves a comeback, and he’s an unbelievable comeback kid.” 

Mmm...Georgy-cakes, I usually hang on to your every word, but did Affleck really go anywhere after making it big in the mid-’90s?

I mean, reallly?

Methinks he was just trying to navigate the what-was-expected-of-him waters while trying to get on a wave of his own choosing that he could ride into the sunset. It may have taken a bit, and included a few  lemons, but, man, is he finally on a 10 right now.


The Inked and Powerful

If I could meet Kellan Lutz again in the next couple of weeks like, I would thank him for sticking to what he’s at his prime to do: go shirtless on screen.

The Twilight Saga player has said yes to starring in the upcoming hotstastic Tatua, an indie-esque thriller about an assassin who can use the weapons he’s got tattooed on his skin.

Now, here’s someone who doesn’t mind playing within the sandbox in which Hollywood has him – and thank goodness for that, huh.

I mean, that ripped pecs-and-abs situation, and those arms, cannot be denied a good ogling.


Cinderella’s Stepmom

News from Down Under adjacent has Cate Blanchett in line to star as Cinderella’s evil stepmother in a forthcoming live-action take of the Disney property.

Well, word didn’t necessarily spread up from New Zealand where the actress just helped premiere The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, but, y’ know...saying so adds to the drama.

Blanchett’s is the first boldfaced name to be mentioned, as far as casting is concerned, for the Mark Romanek-directed project, which was first announced two years ago.

Chris Weitz (About a Boy) is writing the script.


Getting It On

Bet he didn’t have to push for it: Lenny Kravitz is gonna play Marvin Gaye, y’all.

And, y’ know what – I see it.

I mean, I met the guy a few weeks ago, at the opening of the SLS Hotel South Beach, and believe you me when I tell ya that he exudes the sexy like nobody’s business.

Even all bundled up on a rare too-too-cool Miami night, the guy brought it. (Check out this especially picked pic from the event at right and tell me I am talking outta my ass.)

Which is why he’s been cast as the celebrated singer-songwriter in an untitled biopic about Gaye’s final years, when he moved to Europe to slay his addiction demons – a period that yielded one of his signature hits, “Sexual Healing. 

Hey, that could the project’s title!


Back to School

Living for this new, y’all.

Marisa Tomei. In a Hugh Grant rom-com. It has got to happen.

The Oscar winner is in talks to join the Brit star in his return to the genre, an untitled comedy about a off-his-game, divorced, and broke Oscar-winning screenwriter who falls for a single mom (guess who!) taking a screenwriting course the guy is teaching at a small college.

She may not be Sandra Bullock, but, man, I think Tomei could knock it outta the park with her own brand of charming neurosis.

I. Approve.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Chip Off the Ol’ Block

Like mother, like daughter!

Check out little 6-year-old Dannielynn Birkhead, daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith, in the first image from her first modeling campaign for – wait for it... – Guess.

That’s right: Just like her momma did once, Dannielynn is starring in her own Guess ads.

Well ain’t that just precious. Here's to hoping her father, Larry Birkhead, is serious when he says that this gig is just for funsies and a tribute to Smith, and that he wants to his child to “just do what all kids do.

It would terrible for for us to be witnessing the beginning of yet another Hollywood child star cautionary tale.


Oh, Brad – You and Your Big Words...

Brad Pitt sure likes to have his cake and eat it, too, when it comes to doing press and promoting his relationship projects.

The actor, who I bet absolutely has waxed poetic about how intrusive the media can be when it comes to his personal life, cracked open the door to give us a peek into it last night when he premiered his latest effort, Killing Them Softly, in New York City.

Oh, yeah: Pitt was asked about his forthcoming wedding to fiancée Angelina Jolie (date TBD), and the guy answered.

“The time is nigh,” he said. “It’s soon. I got a good feeling about it.

I guess he feels confident marriage equality is closer on the horizon than most think it is (or would like it to be). After all, the couple vowed to wait until everyone could legally marry in the United States to take the plunge.

Then again, Brangelina might not wait.

Pitt reinstated something the pair has said before: that their kids are pressuring them into making it official, already.

Since the time is “nigh” – uh, who talks like that?! – I guess it will definitely tell.


Before Jackie Brown Was Jackie Brown

There’s a prequel (or sorts) to Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown in the works, and Isla Fisher just might take part in it.

The Australian import has her eye on a role in The Switch, the adaptation of the Elmore Leonard novel set 15 years before QT’s film.

It will follow the misadventures of lifelong crooks Louis Gara (John Hawkes, an Oscar buzzed-about this year for his work in The Sessions) and Ordell Robbie (Yasiin Bey, a.k.a. Mos Def).

Fisher would play the younger version of Bridget Fonda’s unpredictable Melanie, who gets in the way when Louis and Ordell set out to kidnap the wife (to be played by Jennifer Aniston) of an even bigger crook for ransom.

I am going to guess that the title of this one will change given Aniston’s involvement.

Why? Because the creatives behind the project will not want audiences confusing this one with the actress’ 2010 comedy about a woman who turns to a turkey baster to get pregnant.


Supernatural Cop

The NYPD should be so lucky to have Eric Bana in its ranks in real life.

But since the guy half-lives in a fantasy world it is only fitting that he should play a man in blue...with an otherworldly twist.

Bana is in talks to star in Beware the Night, a paranormal thriller that once had Mark Wahlberg attached to the his potential part.

The Aussie would play a police officer investigating real-life demon possessions and exorcisms.

Up next for the guy, though, is the on-the-lam thriller Deadfall.


Monday, November 26, 2012

R.I.P. J.R.

Well, this is just too sad: Larry Hagman has died.

The Dallas star – whom I remember best for his comedic work, on TV’s I Dream of Jeanniepassed away on Black Friday at age 81. His family said the actor died from complications from his recent fight with cancer, which he was seemingly beating.

Alas, cancer is a mofo that just won’t quit. And from everything I read as Hagman promoted his return to the tube as J.R. Ewing on the TNT continuation of his most famous ’80s sudser, he gave it quite a fight.

“Larry Hagman was a giant, a larger-than-life personality,” read a statement issued on behalf of the show’s powers that be, cast, and crew.

Indeed, he was.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Giving Thanks

Good goin’, Daniel Craig.

This is why I heart the actor so: He barely cracks a smile, and he’s always doing his own, unexpected thing.

Case in point? His surprise visit with British servicefolk last Sunday at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan.

Craig turned up to say hello, give thanks, tour the premises, and overall cheer everybody up with a screening of his latest turn as James Bond, Skyfall.

Loves it.


1952 Man

That sexy beast George Clooney sure is liking it out in space.

Hollywood’s It Man – who’s got Gravity co-starring Sandra Bullock coming out next year – is circling 1952, a top-secret project written by Damon Lindelof and Entertainment Weekly senior writer Jeff Jensen.

Cue up the mythology....

Director Brad Bird (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol) is attached to helm.



He’s played Che Guevara, and now Benicio Del Toro’s gonna portray Pablo Escobar.

The man sure likes to play his South American icons, huh.

It’s true, though: The Oscar winner is thisclose to signing on the dotted line to play the Colombian drug lord in Paradise Lost.

The project will follow a surfer who falls for a Colombian girl whose uncle happens to be the cocaine trafficker.

Family drama ensues.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

It Wouldn’t Be the Holiday Without Fam Dram

I think it’s safe to say the custody drama between Halle Berry and her ex Gabriel Aubry just took a turn for the nastier.

That’s ’cause Aubry was arrested at Berry’s today, for a private persons arrest for battery, after he and the actress’ fiancé Olivier Martinez got into a brawl.

His bail was set at $200,000 – and I bet I know one Oscar winner who did not rush to pay it.

Evidently, Aubry was dropping off his 4-year-old with Berry, Nahla, when Martinez approached him to talk about letting bygones be bygones.

I guess the model did not appreciate the gesture. They got into it, and both were later treated for some serious-sounding injuries. (I guess he got arrested because he was at her/their place?)

Shame, too, because now Aubry has to stay away not only from the couple but from his daughter as well.


Update: Oh, snap.

Look at what Martinez did to Aubry’s moneymaker.

That Frenchman’s punch sure packs a wallop.

She’ll Find Love in a Hopeless Place

Evan Rachel Wood is gonna find that there is so much for which to live in her next movie...even though the project is titled 10 Things I Hate About Life.

Lest you think it, though, this is not a sequel to 10 Things I Hate About You – but that 1999 sleeper hit’s writer-director and producer are behind it.

The newlywed actress (whom I hearted in The Upside of Anger and enjoyed so on HBO’s True Blood) will play a woman who meets a man while they’re both attempting suicide.

Hey, that’s a new spin on meeting cute.


One Man

Picture it: Michael Fassbender, driving a fast car.

Me You in the seat next to him. The wind blowing through his hair.

A smile.

It’s a darn shame it shan’t happen any time soon.

The Fass, however, will be involved on a project about fast cars when he narrates the Formula One doc 1, which will combine archival footage with interviews with former world champs to give an inside look at the fascinating world of racing.

Now, back to that picture....

A smile. A wink. A – I better stop.

This is a family blog, after all.


Hey Girls and Boys – How You Like ’Em Bruises

Director Nicolas Winding Refn sure loooves putting Ryan Gosling through the ringer.

He did so in the hella intense Drive, and he’s doing so again in the upcoming Only God Forgives.

Note to self: I must come back stateside in March if I wanna see Gosling play a crook running a boxing club in Bangkok.


Whatever It Takes Man

Oh goodness.

I heart that, at 60, Liam Neeson has found the brooder within because that Liam Neeson is not only box office catnip, he’s also the sexiest thing.

Btw, I recently saw The Grey. The movie is ridikolous, and that ending had me not in stitches of happy, but, dayum, did the actor looked climbable. Plus, he got to utilize his native Northern Irish brogue.


Anyway, Neeson is attached to star in The All Nighter, as an aging hit man who, to protect his family, takes his former boss hostage in one night.

Ha! Here I was thinking that, with that title, the movie would be about something else entirely.