Friday, February 28, 2014

Ant-Man Man

I have been waiting for years for Marvel to take note of Patrick Wilson.

And now – be still my heart! – the studio has.

The InsidiousConjuring, and Stretch star has been cast in a top-secret role in the upcoming Paul Rudd-led Ant-Man.

Loves it.


Welcome to the Big Time, Brah

New Keanu Reeves Alert!

And say hello to Luke Bracey.

Well hello!

The Aussie – of course! – up-and-comer (Monte Carlo, G.I. Joe: Retaliation) is going all Utah on us. As in he’s going to play Johnny Utah in the remake of Point Break that has Gerard Butler on board in the role of Bodhi (the Patrick Swayze part)

And thats not the only big-ticket project you will see the actor. It was announced recently that it will be him, not James Marsden, who will replace the late Paul Walker in the adaptation of Nicholas SparksThe Best of Me.

So I say again: Hello!


The Flash Is Here Now

Hey, TV fans – behold the first look at Grant Gustin as The Flash.

Gustin’s Barry Allen, as some of you may know, already was introduced to fans during an episode of The CW’s Arrow last fall, but we actually will not see Gustin as the Scarlet Speedster until the actual Flash pilot.

Here’s to hoping lightning strikes twice for producer Greg Berlanti, who is also overseeing this new show about the Central City assistant police forensic investigator who becomes a hero for all.


Four Found

So this explains Kate Mara’s blond ambition….

The House of Cards star has landed the part of Sue Storm, a.k.a. The Invisible Woman, in the forthcoming Fantastic Four reboot.

Joining her will be Miles Teller (The Spectacular Now, the upcoming Whiplash) as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Michael B. Jordan (as Johnny Storm, a.k.a. The Human Torch, as expected), and Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm/The Thing.

Chronicle director Josh Trank has been tapped to helm the blockbuster for a 2015 release.

Photos: Kate Mara (; Miles Teller (; Michael B. Jordan (; Jamie Bell (

SJP Gives Good Shoe

Alright, fashionistas – Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoe line for Nordstrom is ready to be bought.

I hope you have been saving your dollas, honeys, because the collection is priced in the $300 range.

Now, click here to find out more about how SJP’s collaboration with Manolo Blahnik CEO George Malkemus came about.

Enjoy! And don’t break the bank.


Having Her Cake, Fighting Off Bitches

Been a while since I last shared anything about Jennifer Aniston.

I know – my membership in Team Aniston must be delinquent….

Anyway, the actress has lined a couple of projects to keep herself busy with now that neither Goree Girls nor Pumas is happening, from the looks of it.

One of them is Cake (love the title!), in which America’s favorite Friend will play a woman who becomes morbidly fascinated by the suicide of a member of her chronic pain support group.

Alrighty then.

The other movie L’Aniston is fixin’ to be a part of is Mean Moms, a Beth (TVs Saturday Night LiveMcCarthy-Miller-directed adaptation of Rosalind Wiseman’s Queen Bee Moms and Kingpin Dads: Dealing with the Parents, Teachers, Coaches, and Counselors Who Can Rule – or Ruin – Your Childs Life. It’s the story of a suburban mom forced to deal with a group of grown-up mean girls – and I bet you can guess which part girlfriend will be taking on.

Speaking of which…. OMGwyneth, wouldn’t it be awesome if they could get Angelina to play the meanest mommy of ’em all?


The Era of Mishton – or Ashla – Is Now

Here’s something that will make fans of That ’70s Show smile.

Now that that whole Dashton situation is a thing of the past, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are reportedly engaged, y’all.

The former TV co-stars started dating not that long after the actor separated from his then-wife Demi Moore in the fall of 2011.

Kutcher and Moore finalized their divorce last November, btw.

Going back to the topic du jour, though: Will the tabloids dub the coupling of the Jobs and Jupiter Ascending stars Mishton or Ashla?

Mmm…. I cannot decide!


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Make It a Normal May

Hey, gays guys – HBO has set a date.

A date for its Ryan Murphy-directed adaptation of The Normal Heart, that is.

The film – starring Jim Parsons (TV’s The Big Bang Theory)Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer, a fair-haired Taylor Kitsch (pictured here, at right, with Ruffalo), Jonathan Groff, and Julia Roberts – is set to premiere during the long Memorial Day weekend. On May 25, to be precise.

So save the date.


Foley the Charisma

Well, OK, Scott Foley – I will buy Charisma again.

Some day. Soon.

The star of TVs Scandal is the latest hunk to hawk the latest in Charisma sheets and towels for spring, as you can see.

And, boy, does he do a fine job at it.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ted’s New Girl


Hotness on a stick Mila Kunis is making room for Amanda Seyfried in Ted 2, the sequel to Tedthe hit 2012 Mark Wahlberg comedy about a grown-ass man and his foul-talking teddy bear.

Well, maybe some room.

It looks like Seth MacFarlane is going to break Wahlberg and Kunis up in the sequel, and thus the latter will appear in the movie only for a little bit, if at all.

Enter Seyfried (one of the stars of the funny guys A Million Ways to Die in the West), with her own brand of hot, as the new girl crankin’ both man and bear up.


The Immortal

So Ringer was ultimately a dud – but that will not keep Ioan Gruffudd from try, try, trying again.

The actor is eyeing a return to the tube with a potential new ABC drama titled Forever in which he will play a New York City medical examiner…who is immortal.

Here’s to hoping this new show sticks around, if not forever…for a good long while.

Gruffudd is som’in to be seen.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ms. Professor

Kerry Washington, you may rest easier – you will not have to be the only powerful black woman carrying a show for black women everywhere for too much longer.

Two-time Academy Award nominee Viola Davis is heading to television.

The Help star has been tapped to lead the next Shonda Rhimes joint, How to Get Away with Murder.

Uh – Spoiler Alert! – just ask Fitz a key member of Rhimes’ hit Scandal.

Anyway, the show will be a suspense-driven legal thriller following a group of ambitious law students and their brilliant and mysterious criminal defense professor – played by Davis – and how they all like, get sucked into a life-altering murder plot.

Oooh! (I bet she did it.)


The Truth About Godzilla Is…

Clever, clever.

The powers that be behind the upcoming Godzilla reboot have come up with a really nifty way to explain the origin of that most famous of Japanese fire-breathing reptiles. They have decided that Godzilla was….

Oh, let’s just let the first official trailer for the May 16 blockbuster starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Bryan Cranston do the talkin’, yeah?


Nostalgia, Pt. 45

Yo, kids – do you remember the Got Milk? campaign, which once upon a time featured the likes of Britney Spears, Hugh Jackman, Ellen DeGeneres, Danica Patrick, Reggie Bush, Dara Torres, Harrison Ford, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and Sarah Michelle Gellar (pictured here)?


Well…it is now a thing of the past.

It was announced today that the Milk Processor Education Program has adopted Milk Life as its new campaign slogan.

Which is clever, alright, but also the end of an era.


Surprise Midnight

Coldplay, dudes…how very BeyoncĂ© of you.

The British quartet sorta-shocked their industry and their fans today when they dropped Midnight,” a surprise new single with a surprise new video to match.

The song is Coldplay at their electronicest, most evocative yet – and I, of course, likey.

Here’s to hoping my iTunes lights up with news of a surprise new Coldplay album soon.


A Lena Kinda Saturday

Get ready for a night of loves-to-get-naked jokes on TV’s Saturday Night Live.

Why? ’Cause Lena Dunham, the star of HBO’s Girls, is gonna pop her hosting cherry on March 8, with The National as the musical guest for the night.

Jim Parsons, from TV’s The Big Bang Theory, will host this weekend, btw, with a musical assist from Beck.


Seth’s Late Night

And then Seth Meyers took over Late Night.

And NBC is happy because its new late-night double-whammy with Jimmy Fallon is officially on like Donkey Kong.

Now, sit back and enjoy Meyers first monologue:

Right on, cutie. Right on.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Separate Lines

The “Blurred Lines” maestro is going solo.

Sad but true: Robin Thicke and his actress-wife Paula Patton are going their separate ways after eight years of marriage, telling People magazine today that although they will always love each other and be best friends,” this is the way the cookie is crumbling right now.

No word on whether any party has filed for divorce yet. The high school sweethearts (if memory serves) were married eight years ago.

Now, to ask the obvious: Was it the twerking that broke the relationship? You know somebody with more readers than me is gonna ask the question, make the Miley suggestion.

Anyway, Thicke and Patton are parents to 3-year-old Julian Fuego.

So wish ’em all the best. Especially because if he gets to hang on to half the inspiration that she provided during their time together, he will continue to make nice music (and I’m talking, of course, about the kind of melodies he dropped on us before his smash hit of the summer that was…).


Update: Boy, did I call it or what?

Still Not Sexy, Sam

Is Sam Worthington like, trying to be the new Sean Penn, what with his getting his bad boy on and all?

The Aussie actor was arrested – again – yesterday in New York City, on an assault charge after getting into it with a paparazzo who allegedly kicked his gf in the shin. The Avatar star was later released on a desk appearance ticket and is due back in court in a couple of days.

Lest you forget, Worthington got pinched two years ago, for disorderly conduct and fighting (the charges were later dismissed).

C’mon, guy – lock that s--- up!


Owning His ADHD

Adam Levine has ADHD.

And he’s cool with it.

So much so that he is hoping more and more people will have a better understanding of the disorder moving forward, now that he has a PSA on the subject out there.

“I like to always make sure that whatever I’m promoting or talking about or discussing at length, is something that I have personal, hands-on experience with,” SoFine said of his involvement with the Own It campaign, which seeks to raise awareness, among target audiences, of the widely talked-about-yet-seldom-understood adult deficit hyperactivity disorder.

“This is very near and dear to my heart,” which is why he is speaking out and owning his condition.

Right on, you Sexiest Man Alive!


A Heroes Return

Hot on the heels of their surprise snagging of one Ms. Jennifer Lopez for a new drama that will debut next year, NBC has announced plans to bring back its...Heroes.

Indeed, the Peacock is reviving one of its most (initially) successful endeavors of recent note – about a bunch of super-abled folks – for a limited miniseries run also in 2015.

Y know, just like Fox is reviving 24 this summer.

Heroes: Reborn will center on an entirely new group of people, though – so you shouldn’t necessarily expect to see the likes of Hayden Panettiere back for more action. Although it could happen.

NBC will lay the foundation for the characters and storylines that are to come online prior to the mini’s debut.


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Must See Jenny

Jennifer Lopez is coming to TV.

But wait – isn’t she already? Ain’t she like, on American Idol.

Alright, allow me to correct: J. Lo will be taking a stab a scripted TV.

La Lopez is gonna star on a new FBI-centric drama that she is co-executive producing with Ryan Seacrest.

The offering is titled Shades of Blue and will debut a 13-episode first season during the 2015-’16 season. The actress will play a single mother and detective who is poached to work undercover for the bureau’s anti-corruption task force.

Moral and emotional conflicts will arise for her character when she discovers that some of her close brothers and sisters – the same people who have pitched in and helped raise her daughter – may be dirty.

Sounds interesting. But, c’mon…would the same issues bubble up if there character were a man?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

Fingers crossed it goes well for Ms. Lopez.


Friday, February 21, 2014

Weird Loner Gal

I hope this time Fox will know to treat her the way she deserves to be treated.

I am talking about Becki Newton, the star of the ya-blinked-and-ya-missed-it, burned-off-unceremoniously-during-summer-2013 Goodwin Games. The network wants the Ugly Betty alumna to headline a new, single-cam ensemble comedy titled Weird Loners.

The show will revolve around four relationship-phobic peeps who are unexpectedly thrust into one another’s lives, forming an unlikely bond, in a Queens townhouse.

Zachary Knighton (TV’s Happy Endings) is also on board the six-episode first outing.


Adore the Remix, Bitches!

My boner for Miley Cyrus will go on. And on. And on.

I know, I know. And I’m not sorry.

See, I. Am. Hearting this Cedric Gervais remix of La Cyrus’ Adore You.

It is making me wanna make sure I get tickets to her Miami show next month.


Hugh Hearts Tony

In case you missed it last week, Hugh Jackman is hosting the Tonys again this year.

This will be the Awesome Aussie’s fourth go at the gig. And he will be amazing at it. As it will be his wont.

His last outing as host capped a three-years-in-a-row stint back in 2005.

Nominations for this year’s Tonys will be announced on April 29.