Thursday, February 06, 2014

Stage M-O-ther

Hot Ticket Alert!

Oprah’s coming to Broadway.

He said in a very Big O-esque tone.

All joking aside, it’s true: The woman is spoilinto make her Great White Way debut, and, as she would, she is fixin’ to do so in style.

You see, a revival of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Marsha Norman play Night, Mother is in the works, and Oprah wants in on it. Because it’s a well-pedigreed play, and because none other than five-time Tony winner Audra McDonald would her side, playing her suicidal daughter.

Night, Mother currently is scheduled to return to Broadway some time during the 2015 season.

I can already picture the ticket giveaway on OWN: You get a ticket! You get a ticket! You get a ticket!

Photo: E! Online.

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