Thursday, January 31, 2013

So Lena Dunham’s the New Tina Fey...

She can write TV – and can produce it...and direct it...and star on it – and she can write books and she can be gracious like nobody’s business.

Lena Dunham is her generations wunderkind.

You have done well, Tina Fey. And, btw, R.I.P. 30 Rock, and thanks for all the silly.

The award-winning multi-threat is looking to create a new comedy based on the upcoming memoir All Dressed Up and Everywhere to Go by Betty Halbreich.

Halbreich is the 85-year-old lady who is still running the Bergdorf Goodman-based personal-shopping shingle she launched back in the ’70s.

Do it, girl. And do right by that woman. She sounds like quite the broad.


Becks Goes to Paris

À bientôt, L.A.!

After almost six years as part of the L.A. Galaxy and thus the American zeitgeist, David Beckham announced he is headed back to Europe and joining the Paris Saint-Germain soccer team. Wife Victoria and their children will remain based in London so the kids can stay in school without interruption.

Oh, and get this: Beckham’s salary for his five-month contract is rumored to go as high as more than a million dollars a month – and the guy with the worlds most famous bent is donating it to a Parisian childrens charity.

Awww: hot, talented, and philanthropic....

Atta man.


Shushing Folks Up

So Beyoncé had her Super Bowl press conference earlier today.

And you know that whole business of lip-synching at the Inauguration was bound to come up.

So, before it could, B started singing the national anthem.

Right then and there.


Afterward, Beyoncé simply thanked the crowd and asked, Any questions?

That should settle it, girl.


Update: Pretty sure B hinted at a tour during her Q&A. Better save that money.

Oscar Can You Hear Her?

Barbras headed to the Oscars – to sing, sing.

For the first time in almost 40 years, two-time Academy Award winner Barbra Streisand will perform at this year’s ceremony on Feb. 24

She joins a slate that already includes Golden Globe winner Adele and Norah Jones, who will sing nominated songs from Skyfall and Ted, respectively, as well as salutes to the James Bond franchise and movie musicals.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lord, Ava

The alluring Eva Green is headed to Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

The Euroest of starlets – and I mean that with utmost love – has signed on to play Ava Lord in Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s forthcoming sequel. Her character is described as “one of the most deadly and fascinating residents of Sin City.

Oof, femme fatale! J’approve.

The auteurs are already hard at work in Austin, Texas, to get the film ready for an October release.


Falling Toward the Super Bowl

Wanna get another preview of what Iron Man 3 has in store for us this summer?

Well then, be sure to watch the Super Bowl this weekend.

Like you’re not gonna: Its the 49ers vs. the Ravens Beyoncé’s doing the halftime show!

I keed, I keed, but, in all honesty, we all know we all also tune in for the extras, chiefly the ads, and Marvel’s gonna serve one heckuva preview for its May 3 tentpole, so, y’

And click here for a really cool ongoing-this-week series from an interview Entertainment Weekly scored with the man himself, Robert Downey Jr. It is full of goodness.


Update: Wanna watch the extended, not extensive preview clip? Then click here – you will then understand what I meant by that.

Must Be Wednesday...

Lindsay Lohan was due back in court in L.A. this morning.


Question 1: Did the had-been-spending-time-in-New-York-lately so-called actress make it (to California)?

L2 reportedly sent in a doctor’s note saying she had the flu, so could she, I dunno, get an extension on her scheduling hearing in her lying to the cops misdemeanor case. Evidently, she was advised she most definitely could not, so, for once, girlfriend got her head out of her ass and was spotted at JFK last night, hustling to catch a westbound flight out of New York.

Which brings me to.... (It’s like drinking game!)

Question 2: Did she make it (to court)?

She did, with her unstellarly reviewed new attorney. And she saw an old...uhh...friend of hers, no-nonsense Judge Stephanie Sautner, who, I bet, earned her SAG card acting like she was thrilled to see her.

Anyway, Lohan pleaded not guilty and is looking at spending a fraction of 245 days in the pokey if things don’t go her way. Her case is due back in court on March 1 (she isn’t required to make an appearance), and her trial is set to commence two weeks later.

You may resume not caring now.


Feeling Amazing?

Just like Paul Giamatti, that lovely Brit known as Felicity Jones has her eye on the forthcoming Amazing Spider-Man sequel.

The Like Crazy actress is in talks for an unspecified part in the Marc Webb-directed follow-up to last year’s reboot.

If I had to guess I would guess that maybe shes looking to play Daily Bugle secretary Betty Brant?

Could be.... I mean, Emma Stone will be playing Gwen Stacy again, and Shailene Woodley is already on board to play Mary Jane Watson. Why not further complicate Peter Parker’s love life with a third love interest, right?


Cuomo CNNs

I don’t really watch ABC News, but I have caught Chris Cuomo on the telly from time to time. 

So I know he’s a cutie well liked, and I’m figuring some of y’all would be interested in knowing the guy is leaving the Alphabet Network and moving to CNN where he’ll host a new morning show.

David Muir will take over Cuomo’s seat on 20/20.


Feeling Horny?

Paul Giamatti, superhero movie villain?


The Oscar-nominated actor is in negotiations to join Andrew Garfield & Co. in the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man, as Aleksei Sytsevich, a bad guy I hardly remember not-so-bright Russian criminal who gets hard armor and a ramming horn surgically grafted to his radiation-enhanced body to become essentially unstoppable as the Rhino.

Emma Stone, Shailene Woodley, Dane DeHaan, and Jamie Foxx are already on board.

Oh, and you know what the best part is? Giamatti really wants the part.

“I thought Rhino was the greatest thing when I was a little kid,” he has said.

Well, then...he should get cast right away.

C’mon, Hollywood – make a fanboy’s dream come true.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Best Man & Co. Are Back

The cast of The Best Man is getting back together.

Fourteen years after the original came out and saw Taye Diggs’ character get into some...trouble, I guess, with his friends and his girlfriend for the things he wrote in an autobiographical book that was the next hot thing in publishing, a sequel (to the career-launching-of-many rom-com) is in the works and set to be released this fall.

Sanaa Lathan (Starz’s BossContagion), Morris Chestnut, Alfie’s Nia Long, Terrence Howard (Hustle & Flow), and Harold Perrineau (TV’s Lost) will all be back for seconds.

It’ll be interesting to see how Harper & Co. are doing when we see them during the Christmastime-set follow-up....

Welcome back, y’all.


Saving Sudan

It’s all about serious subject matter these days for Reese Witherspoon.

The Oscar winner has Devil’s Knot, a movie about the West Memphis Three, coming out soon, and she’s looking to work on a project about the Lost Boys of Sudan, the more than 20,000 boys displaced after the Second Sudanese Civil War.

The Southern Belle would play the brash American woman who gives four boys who managed to flee Sudan a new lease on life in the United States.

Think of it as The Blind Side, but with a political edge.

Up next for Witherspoon, though, is Mud, co-starring Matthew McConaughey and opening in April.


Nostalgia, Pt. 38

Remember Diet Coke Man Lucky Vanous?

I don’t, so this one’s for anyone who does.

Now, Vanous may have been before my time, but I can appreciate his oeuvre, which is why I am celebrating Coca-Cola’s homage to the guy and what he did for the company as seen in its latest commercial for Diet Coke starring the rippedlicious Andrew Cooper.

Talk about your effective marketing – ’cause one look at the guy and I bet everyone can only say what they say after taking a sip of the drink: “More.



Some time in the future, Earth will spin around abandoned after an alien invasion.

Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher Harper will walk the planet alone, repairing the drones that keep a watchful eye on the wasteland (survivors, you see, now call the skies home).

Except Jack isn’t alone, and he will stumble on a debunking mystery – embodied by a Morpheus-like Morgan Freeman – that will make him question everything he thought he knew (W.E.’s Andrea Riseborough plays Jack’s handler or som’in’ like that).

And that’s Oblivion in a nutshell.

The movie, directed by Joseph Kosinski (TRON: Legacy) and scored by M83, is due out on April 19. So be sure to be there to see what the Cruiseter does about the whole thrilling drama.


Noir Dick

For a guy who loathes playing the Oscar campaign game, Joaqun Phoenix sure likes his projects to have an awards-bait-esque allure to em, huh.

The actor is in talks to reunite with his Master director, Paul Thomas Anderson, for the adaptation of Thomas Pynchon’s comedic noir Inherent Vice.

Robert Downey Jr. had long been attached to the starring role of a detective embroiled in a kidnapping case in 1969-1970 Los Angeles.

Now here’s a guy who plays by his own rules. He’ll probably do it, not give a damn about kissing nobody’s behind should the project become a buzzed-about darling, and still nab an Academy Award nomination in the process. Just like he did with The Master.

Guess that last name of his will always help him: no matter how odd or rude (by Hollywood’s standards) he gets, he’ll always rise back above it all.


Monday, January 28, 2013

The Producers and the Actors Like Ya, Ben

The Academy may have snubbed Ben Affleck’s directing of his Golden Globe-winning third effort, Argo, but the producers, they loved everything he did on that film behind the scenes.

And the actors, they loved everything he did in front of the camera with his cast.

And both groups probably also wanted to show up the Academy a little, which is why Argo was given the top honor at last Saturdays Producers Guild Awards and why the films talented actors and actresses (Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin, John Goodman, Victor Garber, Tate Donovan, and Clea DuVall, among them) were named the winners of the Best Ensemble hardware at last nights Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Daniel Day-Lewis, Jennifer Lawrence, Tommy Lee Jones, and Anne Hathaway won the film acting prizes for their turns in Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook, Lincoln, and Les Misérables, respectively.

Photo: Warner Bros.

X-Girls – And Boy – Be Back

Make room for some more X-Men franchise vets, Hugh Jackman – a couple of your peers want in on the fun of the prequel-sequel X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Fanpeople, y’all better go grab a hanky: This one’s a doozy.

Indeed, director Bryan Singer has confirmed that Anna Paquin (Rogue), Shawn Ashmore (Iceman), and Ellen Page (Kitty Pryde) will be back for the movie.

No word yet on whether Rose Byrne or the polarizing January Jones will be invited back.

The whippersnappers join James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, and Jennifer Lawrence in the project, which cannot come out soon enough, if you ask me.


Divergent, Maybe

So Kate Winslets doing this movie titled Divergent.

But, then again, maybe she isn’t.

Someone at Summit Entertainment jumped the gun last week when they tweeted that the Oscar winner was locked in to co-star in the adaptation of this popular future dystopia-set novel about a girl (Shailene Woodley) dead-set on breaking from the authoritarian ways of a government that divides people based on human traits.

The tweet was quickly deleted, so this much is true: Someone at the studio thought Winslet was totally on board. Which means she, at least, quite probably took a meeting.

So let’s wait and see.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hot Package!

The New Kids on the Block reassembled a few years ago, and by golly if they are going their separate ways any time soon.

Thank goodness: The Kids are back and bettah than evah.

And they are not only enjoying themselves, they are spreading that good-to-be-back feeling with their peers, which is why they have enlisted 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men to go out on tour with them this summer.

The New Kids on the Block will release a new album titled 10 on April 2, and then “The Package Tour” will kick off on May 31 in Connecticut.

Oh, and Miami – the tour is coming to South Florida, so mark so calendars for June 22 in Fort Lauderdale.

Just Because, Pt. 87

How cute and stylish did David Beckham look running around London earlier this week?


That’s all.

Well, that, and where was Becks off to in such a hurry? To pick up a few of those new dressing gowns from his H&M bodywear collection to give away, perhaps?

’Cause I’d take one (off him).


Good Goin’, Adam

I see Adam Levine took my suggestions for a successful outing hosting last night’s SNL to heart and went shirtless, at least for a bit.

Well ain’t that som’in’....

It just makes me :), you know.

Click here to relive the moment. You know you wanna.


Werk It, B!

Beyoncés not slowing down.

Her dance card may be a little lighter now that the Inauguration and all that...controversy jazz is behind her, but she’s still got the friggin’ Super Bowl coming up next weekend.

And Queen B wants us all to be a part of the process, so she posted some pics from rehearsal on her Instagram earlier this week.

Oh, and, yeah, that was her. She didn’t use like, a hologram to rehearse.

Btw, rumor has it she and Destinys Child are going to perform “Bills, Bills, Bills.

An oldie but a goody!


Update: What?! The Destiny’s Child reunion is not happening?

So says Michelle Williams, a.k.a. 1 not Kelly Rowland, a.k.a. 2 Beyoncé’s second banana.

“I’m going to be in the musical Fela! [the world tour of which kicks off on Jan. 29],” the singer said. “I hate to disappoint the people and tell them its not true.

Well, get an understudy, girl.

Unless you are just saying that to make sure your quote gets picked up so the video of the interview during which you gave it makes it out there – with a plug to Fela! and to your new gospel album that’s coming out in the springtime.

In which case, clever girl.

jOBS Unveiled

Ashton Kutchers passion project, the Steve Jobs biopic jOBS, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival a couple of days ago, and it is already stirring up controversy.

Seems Steve WozniakJobs real-life partner, is not entirely psyched about how the powers that be decided to tell their story, much less style it – and he’s only seen a clip of it.

You see, the Woz has objected to a scene in which Jobs (that would be Kutcher) tries to convince his wiz partner (that would be Wozniak, who’s played by Josh Gad from Broadway’s The Book of Mormon) to keep working on Apple I because Apple I was “profound...freedom” and the way of the future.

“Not close. Totally wrong,” said Wozniak in communications on and with Gizmodo. “We never had such interaction and roles. [And] I never looked that professional.

The guy went on to say that the concept of personal computers as a revolution was something that already inspired and informed his work, that it wasn’t something that Jobs had to tell him to keep him going.

And then, to drive his point home and through the living room, he added, “By the way, the Apple I was the fifth time I designed something just for fun that Steve found a way to turn into money.

Oh, boy.

jOBS is set for an April 19 release. And, btw, Gad has said hebummed” about the Apple co-founders snap judgment.