Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Some time in the future, Earth will spin around abandoned after an alien invasion.

Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher Harper will walk the planet alone, repairing the drones that keep a watchful eye on the wasteland (survivors, you see, now call the skies home).

Except Jack isn’t alone, and he will stumble on a debunking mystery – embodied by a Morpheus-like Morgan Freeman – that will make him question everything he thought he knew (W.E.’s Andrea Riseborough plays Jack’s handler or som’in’ like that).

And that’s Oblivion in a nutshell.

The movie, directed by Joseph Kosinski (TRON: Legacy) and scored by M83, is due out on April 19. So be sure to be there to see what the Cruiseter does about the whole thrilling drama.

Photo: EW.com.

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