Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Must Be Wednesday...

Lindsay Lohan was due back in court in L.A. this morning.


Question 1: Did the had-been-spending-time-in-New-York-lately so-called actress make it (to California)?

L2 reportedly sent in a doctor’s note saying she had the flu, so could she, I dunno, get an extension on her scheduling hearing in her lying to the cops misdemeanor case. Evidently, she was advised she most definitely could not, so, for once, girlfriend got her head out of her ass and was spotted at JFK last night, hustling to catch a westbound flight out of New York.

Which brings me to.... (It’s like drinking game!)

Question 2: Did she make it (to court)?

She did, with her unstellarly reviewed new attorney. And she saw an old...uhh...friend of hers, no-nonsense Judge Stephanie Sautner, who, I bet, earned her SAG card acting like she was thrilled to see her.

Anyway, Lohan pleaded not guilty and is looking at spending a fraction of 245 days in the pokey if things don’t go her way. Her case is due back in court on March 1 (she isn’t required to make an appearance), and her trial is set to commence two weeks later.

You may resume not caring now.


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