Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Hottest Writer in Town

Keep your eye out for Taylor Sheridan.

The actor (FX’s Sons of Anarchy)-turned-Hell or High Water screenwriter (he’s currently working on Soldado, a Benicio Del Toro-starring sequel to his own Sicario), is on fiya, and already has lined up his next project.

Sheridan is going to adapt the French movie Disorder, which is out in some theaters and definitely available On Demand now. Matthias Schoenaerts – swoon! – co-stars opposite Diane Kruger in it, as a PTSD-striken former soldier tasked with protecting the family of a wealthy Lebanese man while he is away on business (y’ know it, the bodyguard and the wife get into it).

No word on whether Schoenaerts, Kruger, and OG director, Alice Winocour, will be invited back yet – but here’s a thought: What if the gender roles get reversed for the remake?

That’d be som’in’, huh.


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