Friday, September 30, 2016

He’s in the Herd

Well someone’s buttering his bread and stretching his acting muscle som’in’ fierce, huh?

Chris Hemsworth has signed on to star in Horse Soldiers, a new Jerry Bruckheimer-co-produced war drama about a U.S. Special Forces team led by an untested captain that was sent into a rugged, mountainous region of Afghanistan in the aftermath of the events of Sept. 11, 2001. The team was meant to join forces with a Northern Alliance warlord to fight off an advancing Taliban...but something tells me things kinda went awry. I mean, y’ know.. if they’re making a movie outta that mission.

Michael Shannon is all set to co-star – just like he is to work with Benedict Cumberbatch, btw, in The Current War, a fact-based account of how George Westinghouse and Thomas Edison (the Cumber-stud) raced each other to come up with a sustainable electricity system that would be marketable to the United States.

But back to Hemsworth.

The sexy Aussie in fatigues.

Now there’s a fun image to usher in the weekend.


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