Friday, September 09, 2016

Is This Love or a?

OK, Lady GaGa – you are back.

Musically speaking, at last.

Perfect Illusion,” Mother Monster’s first new non-cover-or-film-related single in three years, hit the Internet last night (the darn thing is on iTunes now, if you’d like to add it to your collection), and it is something I wouldn’t mind listening to a few more times.

Pop-y rockin’ kinda stuff.

Is it love (Callback to Dem Lyrics Alert!)? I dunno.

I do know that I likey.

Now. When’s the album that goes with it supposed to come out?

My guess? November. Just in time for the holidays – but, least this little ditty is eligible for 2017 Grammys consideration, right? The deadline for all that jazz is at the end of this month?

Clever girl.

Photo: E! Online.

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