Monday, September 26, 2016

Rooney Pops

Rooney Mara, pop star?

It’s what’s happening.

The two-time Academy Award-nominated actress is set to topline Vox Lux, a new musical drama from actor-turned-filmmaker Brady Corbet. The project will span 15 years, kicking off in 1999, and track the rise of Celeste, a young talent poised for world superstardom, as it examines the major milestones of our culture as the new century began.

Corbet will shoot the movie in 65mm large format, and the movie will be shown in 70mm. Furthermore, Sia is also involved.

The “Cheap Thrills” singer will work on original songs for the Vox Lux soundtrack.

Right on.

Now. What do you think Mara’s singing voice sounds like, kids? And who would you guess will design the quite-specific wardrobe that Celeste will wear?

I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see, huh.


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