Thursday, September 08, 2016

An Untogether Man

An affair between a former teen prodigy-cum-heroin addict/striving (sober) writer and a published writer who has found success with a memoir of wartime bravery obviously would necessitate Jamie Dornan (who currently can be seen in Anthropoid, if you care to give him a chance to live down Fifty Shades of Grey)

No? You don’t see it, too?

Too bad.

Dornan is going to star in such a project, an indie titled Untogether to be helmed by journalist, author, and first-time feature-film director Emma Forrest, who also wrote the script.

Jemima Kirke (HBO’s Girls) will play the fairer half of the couple in conflict, while Mistress America’s Lola Kirke (total relation) will portray her own older sister’s on-screen little sister, a young woman who sees her relationship with her older bf (Ben Mendelsohn, Forrest’s own real-life hubby, has been tapped for the part) tested by an attraction to an even older man (a rabbi, no less).

Sounds complicated and intriguing.

Can’t wait.


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