Monday, November 24, 2014

Female Dick

It’s like, a Thanksgiving miracle!

See, at long last, HBO is making things a wee bit more official where casting for the second outing of its True Detective series is concerned.

Rachel McAdams is definitely on board and will be sharing the screen with Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch as one of three detectives involved in the story of the second season of the Nic Pizzolatto joint. She will play an uncompromising Ventura County Sheriff Department’s detective who finds herself constantly at odds with her colleagues, like Farrell’s character, an officer who is absolutely morally compromised at work.

Kitsch will be portraying a war vet and California Highway Patrol motorcycle officer trying to get away from his past and from the unwanted attention that began chasing him in the wake of a scandalous something that never actually happened.

Meanwhile, Kelly Reilly (TV’s Black Box) will take on the role of Vince Vaughn’s wife, a former D-List actress who is very much in bed with his husband when it comes to his illegitimate dealings.

The next outing of the anthology series is tentatively scheduled to debut next summer. I’ll bet just in time to get into the mix for Emmy consideration.


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