Friday, August 29, 2014

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Catty Queen of Pop

Madonna reportedly is going after Guy Ritchie and Lady song.

M is said to have recorded two tracks for her upcoming 13th album, the presumably titled Rebel Heart, that really cut to the core of her supposed disdain for the film director-ex, to whom she was married until 2008, and for Mother Monster, against whom the Queen of Pop has been pitted for more than half a decade now.

In “Heartbreak City,” Madonna supposedly regret-sings about letting Ritchie into her kingdom, only to later see him walk away having helped himself to everything, while in “Two Steps Behind Me,” La Ciccone rips into an unnamed woman (so let’s just regurgitate what others are saying and say it’s Lady Gaga) to accuse her of being a copycat and to ask for her royalties.

Oh, M....

Doesnt she know she is better than this?

I mean, picking on those two is like going after the low-hanging fruit. Totally too easy. And, at this point in her life, totally unnecessary. Plus, completely been there, done that where Lady GaGa is concerned.

Come to think about it, we had all pretty much agreed I Don’t Give A” was about Guy, so there was no need to go there again, either.

Them tunes better be catchy if I gotta listen to Madonna get her bitch on is all I gotta say.


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