Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Anaconda On the Loose!

So Nicki Minaj has a big butt.

That much has always been clear.

But now, Her Minajesty, armed with Anaconda,” her get-to-twerking Sir Mix-a-Lot-sampling new single, is letting the world know that she knows she has “a big, fat ass” – and that she loves it.

That she owns it.

That she likes it.

“I have a big, fat ass,” is actually the closing spit of the song. It is a statement, no follow-up needed.

Anaconda,” I think, is meant to be like, this take-back-our-girl-power self-objectifying/celebration, right. A little too on the nose to be a parody, yet a little too precise not to be taken seriously. After all, for 14 years we have been aware that certain men – like Sir Mix-a-Lot – have anacondas (right...) that want none unless ladies got buns, hun.

Minaj is here to say to all her fellow Bs with a fat ass in the f---ing club – her words, not mine – that it is power to have a big butt. And that men ought to respect it.

From the looks of the rapper’s video for the song, men (or, at least, Drake, who makes a cameo in it) also need to worship it – but not touch it, OKRRR. Not without permission. Ever.

I thought that much also was clear.

Anyway, “Anaconda is featured in Minaj’s upcoming Pink Print album.

And now you know (yeah, all the moves that Minaj has in the can).

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