Monday, August 11, 2014

The Kit Kat Klub Stoned


Emma Stone plus Cabaret has got to equal a Broadway must-see, right?

I reckon that was the reasoning for whomever thought to reach out to the Golden Globe-nominated Easy A actress with an offer to take over for Michelle Williams as Sally Bowles in the revival of the show.

I mean, girlfriend has enough spirit and moxie to lip-synch like a boss, and it’s not like she’s gonna be busy romancing Peter Parker on the big screen again any time soon....

Stone would pop her Great White Way cherry in November, after Williams finishes her extended run with the show on Nov. 9, and she would slink around the Kit Kat Klub through the show’s final curtain call in January.

I say do it, girl. And break a leg.

Up next for Stone, though, is Alejandro González Iñárritus Birdman, awards bait that is due out on Oct. 17. 


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