Sunday, August 24, 2014

R.I.P. Mr. Jurassic Park

Academy Award winner Lord Richard Attenborough has died.

Best known to yours truly for his turn as John Hammond, the man with the idea, the man behind Jurassic Park, and as the Kris Kringle of the 1994 Miracle on 34th Street remake, Attenborough, perhaps, will be more familiar to a slightly older generation and more as the filmmaker who produced and directed the 1983 Best Picture winner Gandhi.

Attenborough passed away at lunchtime earlier today, in London, at the age of 90. He had been in poor health since suffering a stroke in 2008, but even after that he continued to work, at least until 2012, from what I read. It was then that he and Martin Scorsese evidently teamed up to develop a new project for the Brit to direct.

Alas, his health kept him from telling that story.

The man told stories, you see, and that’s how he wanted to be remembered: as a storyteller.

Attenborough’s body of work, as an actor alone, features almost 80 titles, including The Great Escape, 1967’s Doctor Doolittle (which earned him a Golden Globe), Rosebud, and Elizabeth.


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