Thursday, August 28, 2014

The (Girl) Friends That Got Back Together

Last night, on Jimmy Kimmel Live!...(half of) the Friends (finally) reunited.

For a little night of fan-fiction.


See, Jennifer Aniston, was on her buddy Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show – to promote her latest, Life of Crime – when Kimmel decided to share with the actress how fond of Friends, that good ol’ Must See TV of yore (can you believe Friends premiered almost 20 years ago?!), he was...and is, right.

So, of course, the talk soon turn to this fan-fiction that the host had written....

Cut to Aniston her reprising her signature role as Rachel – and to Courtenex Cox and Lisa Kudrow gamely popping up for the bit, to play Monica and Phoebe one more time.

Hilary ensued.


R.I.P. Joey and Chandler.


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