Thursday, August 07, 2014

Call Him Commandant

Jamie Dornan is not gonna let himself get pigeonholed.

The star of the sleek-looking Fifty Shades of Grey is gonna rough it up to play Pat Quinlan, the Irish commandant who led the siege of 150 U.N. Irish troops in the Congo in 1961, in The Siege of Jadotville. Quinlan – Shades of 300 Alert! – led the resistance of a lightly armed and equipped company of soldiers in Jadotville (n.k.a. Likasi) against a 3,000-strong army of mercenaries and sympathizers to the invading Katangese PM Moise Tshombe.

Sure, they were overrun in the end – but not after holding strong for like, almost a week.

Video director-cum-first-time-feature helmer Richie Smyth will call the shots from behind the camera on the project, which will start production in Ireland and South Africa next spring.


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