Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Rosalind Franklin Is Coming to America

Somebody wants an encore....

And, whaddya know. Somebody is getting one.

Theatrical Viagra Nicole Kidman is set to get a rise outta Broadway once more this fall.

I know. Good one!

You see, the Academy Award winner is bringing her West End hit, Anna ZieglerPhotograph 51, stateside.

Anyway, the play – about Rosalind Franklin, the unsung scientist who pretty much cracked DNA at King’s College London (the titular picture refers to an X-ray diffraction image taken by a man named Raymond Gosling under Franklin’s supervision) – already has earned Kidman an Olivier Award nomination, and is expected to do great things for the actress on the Great White Way, which she first visited in the late ’90s when she starred in The Blue Room (another transfer).

Once Photograph 51’s Broadway run is over, Kidman reportedly hopes to transfer the material to the silver screen.

You know. ’Cause she can’t just court Tony. Oscar will get jelly.


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