Saturday, April 30, 2016

Bullets Over America

Another Day in the Death of America will be a story told by David Oyelowo.

The Selma star is going to produce and headline the adaptation of the book of non-fiction by Guardian journalist Gary Younge, an investigation into the deaths of 10 shot-dead children ranging between 9 and 19 in age, on one random day – Nov. 23, 2013, in the United States of America. These real-life human stories are meant to illustrate the all-too-real real-life consequences of gun violence in America, and now, they are going to be told in a medium slightly more powerful (these days) than dem good ol’ books.

Younge’s tome will be published stateside on Oct. 4, and I’ll bet you will be able to expect its film adaptation to roll into theaters just in time for awards season next year.


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