Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Kelly Ripa’s Back and In Charge

Live! With Kelly and Michael returned with both Michael and Kelly this morning, and, boy, was it a good one.

Kelly Ripa – who was on a sort of strike by way of a went-on-it-early and extended previously scheduled time off – came back to her show to a standing ovation, and to do some matter-o-fact damage control by taking the bull by the horns (how apropos that she wore red!). The bull? What bull?

The bull of the drama that, you will remember, stemmed middle of last week from the surprise announcement that her co-host of more than four years, Michael Strahan, would be leaving her side this fall, to decamp for ABC’s Good Morning America – which was a total surprise to her (the powers that be at the network, presumably in their efforts to avoid any news leaks, apparently left her out of any and all conversations on the subject and the move).

So there Ripa was earlier today, back after taking some time to gather her thoughts, as she put it, ready to address the controversy, which she did like a total boss.

“After 26 years with this company, I earned the right,” she said, noting that her issue wasn’t with Strahan but with the lack of “communication and consideration and, most importantly, respect in the workplace.

Can’t argue with any o’ that!

Ever the gracious one, Ripa reassured her audience and her co-host that she is thrilled and proud of him, which is totally believable, yet completely overshadowed by the events leading up to the moment (the show went on, as it should – but we all know things have changed).

It’s a tricky thing to call out your bosses while remaining a team player, and Ripa schooled everyone in the art of standing up for yourself. April 26 should go one as one for the feminist books, IMHO, and now we know who should write that chapter.

Alas, although the woman herself has taken back the reigns of her show and reclaimed a narrative she did let go off her hands, and we should all move right along with her and Strahan, something tells me that won’t be an easy feat. Especially now that ABC – which reportedly has apologized to both stars – has decided to say an early farewell to Strahan, as in next month. May 13 is his last day on that job.

How will it all play out?

Guess we’ll have to watch.

Photo: People.com.

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