Monday, April 11, 2016

All Revved Up and Ready to Go

Scott Eastwood must dig cars.

I say so because first he signed on to do Crown Vic, and now comes fresh word that the Suicide Squad actor is getting fast and furious.

Indeed, while not much is known right now, the news just broke that the studlicious Eastwood is boarding Fast and Furious 8, as – what else, people! – an exciting new character and, I would imagine, as a replacement of sorts for the late Paul Walker.

He joins a (diverse and appealing) cast led by Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez & Co. that already includes Charlize Theron, who was recently confirmed as the blockbusters villain.


Update: Click here to find out how Eastwood feels about taking over for his friend Paul Walker, and how this new character he shall be playing will connect to the others (Kurt Russell is involved).

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