Thursday, April 21, 2016

Matched Up

This summer, kids, Édgar Ramírez and Usher will fight.

The former as Roberto Durán, the latter as Sugar Ray Leonard, in Hands of Stone, a new boxing film co-starring Robert De Niro as Durán’s trainer, Ray Arcel.

So you know, both boxers would come together in the late ’70s to give ’em what they wanted, with Durán – whose nickname gives the movie its title – forfeiting his welterweight title to Leonard in the middle of a rematch in 1980 when he uttered his immortal words, “No más.

Ahem. Spoiler Alert?

Check out the film’s first trailer now (it will chronicle the ascent to greatness by Durán, natch – so it is awards bait, no matter that its late-summer release), and save the date for its opening on Aug. 26, kids.


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