Tuesday, March 08, 2016

In Her Wildest Dreams

And now, for a film that will not be winning any MTV Movie Awards any time soon....

Say hello to Hello, My Name Is Doris, the latest entry in the older-woman-having-a-little-fun genre.

The film, a Michael Showalter comedic drama centering on an older woman who starts anew (with a younger man) after her mother dies, stars two-time Oscar winner Sally Field and that cutie-patootie, Max Greenfield – so I am there, you know. So there.

Check out the trailer for the film – which I hope will not have a sad twist to it (Field’s Doris is a bit of an eccentric and, perhaps, just a little stunted) – and save the date for March 11.

Because that’s when we meet Doris!

Photo: MovieInsider.com.

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