Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Almost Taboo Time

Are y’all just dying to watch Tom Hardy’s Taboo (you know, the forthcoming series that recently required that he go fully nude on set, thus producing these accidental d--- pics)?

Well, the wait is almost over.

And here is your first look at the Revenant Oscar nominee’s new Ridley Scott-produced FX 1813-set miniseries by that name from screenwriter Steven Knight. Hardy will star as a rogue adventurer who returns to Africa with more than a dozen diamonds of questionable provenance dead-set on avenging his late father, becoming embroiled in the war between Great Britain and America in the process. Check it:

Btw, the eight-episode mini was born from an original idea by Hardy and his father, Chips.

Taboo is set to air next year.

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