Saturday, March 19, 2016


Know who else is going TV?

Oscar nominee Emma Stone. And Oscar nominee Jonah Hill.

The Superbad co-stars (aw, look at how young they were once!) are teaming up with Cary Fukunaga (the underwatched Beasts of No Nation, HBO’s True Detective) to star on Maniac, a new half-hour dark-comedy series pitch based on a Norwegian series from a couple of years ago and centering on a guy who lives a full and rich fantasy life but who is actually locked up tight at a mental institution.

Hill and Stone both will play patients in the starry ward (and both will executive produce the project, which is being sold as a two-season deal fully helmed by the Emmy-winning director).

When did the movies become the boob tube? Because, clearly, the small screen is where it’s at these days.


Update: It was announced on March 23 that Netflix will show the show, reminding everyone once more that this is their time.

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