Thursday, March 24, 2016

R.I.P. Mr. Shandling

Well this one’s a bit of a surprising bummer.

Garry Shandling passed away earlier today. The Larry Sanders Show star was 66.

The Emmy winner reportedly suffered a heart attack and died in a Los Angeles hospital.

His passing, of course, prompted an outpour of appreciations from fans and peers, including Kathy Griffin, who spent time with Shandling and Bob Odenkirk (AMC’s Better Call Saul) just last Sunday.

Rip TornShandling’s co-star on The Larry Sanders Show, remembered the comedian as, “a fine artist...a comic talent of immense originality,” when he expressed his sorrow to People magazine.

Others like Margaret Cho, Jimmy Kimmel, Steve Martin, Amy Schumer, Andy Cohen, and John Cleese also have made their condolences vox populi.


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