Tuesday, March 22, 2016

As Rosemary Kennedy

Emma Stone is gonna go from de Vil to Kennedy.

Indeed, the Oscar-nominated Birdman actress is going to help tell the story of Rose – née Rosemary – Kennedy, the sister to John, Bobby, and Ted about whom so little is known to this day.

Stone will star in Letters from Rosemary, a Black List project about the Kennedy girl whose behavioral issues and apparent disabilities drove her famous family to keep her hidden away from the limelight and to agree to give her a pre-fontal lobotomy at age 23, a procedure that left her with the mental capacity of a completely dependent-on-others toddler.

Rosemary Kennedy is said to have given way to the founding of the Special Olympics by her sister, Eunice Shriver, who admits her inspiration was much more broad.

Photo: RAD-COMM.com.

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