Wednesday, March 02, 2016

They Got That Voodoo

Kevin Williamson has gotten Chased and Szohrd.

Meaning Bailey Chase (A&E’s Longmire) and Jessica Szohr are going to headline the producer’s new for-The CW offering, an still-untitled drama about a young woman (the erstwhile Gossip Girl star), the descendant of a voodoo priestess, seeking help from a (studly) novelty-like parapsychologist after she begins to experience paranormal phenomena.

The show will be set in Baton Rouge, so expect a lot of voodoo and magic, OKRRR.


Update: Megan West (TV’s How to Get Away with Murder) is actually the one who will be plagued by all dem aparitions.

Szohr, I take it, will be a supporting player.

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