Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Avicii Out

Avicii is done with the scene.

For now. Maybe, for good.

Who knows.

The world-renown DJ, 26, announced this week that he is retiring from live performances and, especially, from touring at the end of this year.

See, the guy has been on the road pretty much non-stop the last three years, and he has had some well-chronicled health issues during that time (he’s had his gallbladder and his appendix removed, for instance), and I remember him having to bail out of a major namesake event in Miami at Ultra Music Festival time a couple of years ago (look it up).

In any case, Avicii is not ruling out staying in the business, or coming back to it, for that matter.

“One part of me can never say never,” he says. “I could be back...but I won’t be right back.

Fair enough.

Photo: HollywoodReporter.com.

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