Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Crackling Quaid

Virally occupied Dennis Quaid is Crackling.

No, that is not a dig at the PR nightmare the actor woke up to this morning. It’s word of his next project!

The actor has signed on to star on online distributor Crackle’s first dramatic series, The Art of More. Christian Cooke (Starz’s Magic City) and Kate Bosworth also will be featured on the 10-ep first season, which will take a look-see at the dirty laundry of the world of premium action houses.

Cooke will play a blue-collar former Iraq soldier leveraging his street smarts into access into that exclusive world, while Quaid will portray a conniving real estate shark.

Bosworth will take on the role of the daughter of the CEO of one of two warring auction houses.

Photo: Pinterest.com.

Update: So. Dennis Quaid’s viral nightmare (in which the actor seemingly was caught in an on-set rant for the books that was filled with language that was definitely NSFW)? It was a hoax or sorts – it was a FunnyOrDie.com situation.

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