Wednesday, April 08, 2015

The Story of Ghosttown

And then, in the end there will be Madonna, a wolf, and a Lyon.

The eagerly awaited – duh – video for Ghosttown” (Jonas Åkerlund directed) second single off of Rebel Heart, made its grand, glossy debut this morning, via something called Meerkat (is M all about ’em apps these days or what!) – and, guess what: Lucious Lyons in it!

Well, OK...the clip features its portrayer, Terrence Howard. I guess Madonna does watch a little TV, and that includes Empire.

She so savvy, gosh darn it.

Anyway, the Academy Award-nominated actor co-stars in the video as the lone man in the Queen of Pop’s midst in the mad, mad post-apocalyptic world in which she lives, a ghosttown filled with memories of the past (pictures of her daughter Lourdes and of her late mother signal what she’s lost). M herself is a lone wolf (although she does have a – Game of Thrones Shout-out Alert?! – direwolf?) scavenging the land for resources, if not life...a connection she can hang on to, which she finds in the form of the mysterious man (Howard), with whom she shares a life-reaffirming dance, and a child, with whom the two walk off into a new beginning.

It’s not quite what I was hoping for (I was crossing my fingers for something grittier), but I sure am glad Madonna gave us a narrative with this one. She’s good a spinning a good musical yarn, visually speaking.


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