Saturday, April 25, 2015

Y’all Ready for Some Brown Sugar?

To speak in simple Hollywood terms, if the stripping world should have a racial divide, then, obviously, the whites would their Magic Mike and the blacks, well...they will have their Sexy Chocolate.

Hell yeah, people (all of you) – get ready to have Robert Ri’chard (Coach Carter) take ya to Chocolate City, a real-cheesy-looking rip-off of the Channing Tatum moneymaker.

Ri’chard plays a nice (and ripped) college student who turns to shakin what his mama gave him in order to, get this, help her pay the bills.

Aww, what a nice boy.

Viviva A. Fox, Tyson Beckford, Ginuwine, and Michael Jai White co-star in the May 22 release.


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