Friday, April 24, 2015


Well. If you hadn’t figured something like this was bound to happen then you probably don’t read about the comings and goings (and lives) of TV players the way I do.

And that is not a brag.

For months now, Patrick Dempsey’s participation on TV’s Grey’s Anatomy had been diminishing steadily, this in spite of his being the show’s leading man – hello, he was McDreamy! His Dr. Derek Shepherd was shipped off to D.C. to work for the friggin president at the top of the season, a plot point that caused a huge rift at home between the woman he picked, the woman he chose, the woman he loved, Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo). Of course once they got over the bump, Shonda Rhimes and her team of writers would take a page from the Kings of The Good Wife and – Spoiler Alert! – bump him off.

And thus Derek died last night after saving four lives following a real bad car accident from which he surprisingly came out unscathed at first.

He was heroic. His death was tragic (he just couldn’t cheat twice in one day). And now I’m crying.

Was the move precipitated by the Demps and could it have had something do with his bit of off-screen drama?


After 11 years with the hit show, the actor had become restless with playing the same character (again, anyone who reads about TV knows this), and he is going through some marital problems of his own (his wife filed for divorce .... Wanting or needing off the show may have grown into too much of an inevitability, which is why only the inevitable and permanent could happen in the end, as it has usually been the case for other characters on Grey’s Anatomy. Derek and Meredith are...were...the real deal, after all. The show would have had the shadow of a possible return had the couple simply separated or divorced.

So farewell, Derek Shepherd. I shall miss your nobility, your irresistibility, and, not least of all, your perfect hair.


Update: Patrick Dempsey took to Twitter today to thank the fans“for an incredible 11 yrs.

Ya welcome and backatcha, dude.

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