Thursday, April 30, 2015

No More Revengenda

Emily Thorne is done.

And not just because she finally came out as Amanda Clarke on TV’s Revenge but because her Count of Monte Cristo-esque Hamptons-set story is coming to an end this season after four years on the air.

Mmm. I wonder who will win the ridikolous game Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Victoria Grayson (Golden Globe nominee Madeline Stowe) have been playing, for our enjoyment, in the end.... Right now, Victoria has the upper hand, as she – Spoiler Alert! – may have explosively faked her death to frame Emily for murder. She has proven herself a worthy adversary for Emily.

But we all know Emily does not and probably will not go down easy, so....

Oh well. We shall find out on May 10 when the finale airs on ABC.


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