Tuesday, June 30, 2015

They Will Get Their Man

Secret In Their Eyes is gonna be most polarizing, if the response I’ve seen on Facebook to its just-released trailer is any indication.

A remake of the 2009 Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Film, the Billy Ray-directed film stars Chiwetel Ejiofor as an FBI agent who becomes consumed with finding and capturing the murderer of his partner’s (Julia Roberts) teenaged daughter, much to the, well...not the chagrin of but the, you know, understanding disapproval of their district attorney-supervisor/pal (Gwyneth Paltrow Nicole Kidman). What he encounters instead, or as well, is an unspeakable revelation that will serve as commentary on the devastating effects seeking vengeance can have on the human soul.

So get ready to feel good at the movies!

Secret In Their Eyes is set to open on Oct. 23.

Photo: MovieWeb.com.

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