Monday, June 22, 2015

NBD, Just Calling Out Apple...with Love

Taylor Swift wasnt terribly happy with Apple this past weekend – and she let everyone know about it. In the most kindest of ways.

Like a boss.

See, Apples launching Apple Music (later this summer? soon...?), right, and the company was doing so with a three-month free trial for prospective new users, a period during which Apple wasn’t planning on paying record labels for their product. Meaning for the music.

Now, that T. Swift has written and published an open letter to Apple denouncing the practice that now will never be as completely opposite the forward thinking it is known for, the company has reconsidered its plan and will be paying labels and, more importantly, artists, for the streaming of their music during the Apple Music trial run.

Give it up for La Swift, everybody – she absolutely, truly is changing the game.


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