Monday, June 01, 2015

Introducing Caitlyn Jenner

And here we thought Kim Kardashian was gonna have the news this week – she is expecting, after all.

Time to think again.

As expected, the transitioning Bruce Jenner and Vanity Fair have introduced Her, and she is named Caitlyn.

And she is pretty fackin’ stunning. That’s not just Photoshop, people – she built this city, and she is gonna rock it all the way to happiness. I mean, look at her working that ol’ 65-year-old Olympic-toned body of his in that vintage-y little number for the magazine’s July issue.... (Hey, Madonna – you are no longer the only hot older lady with guns in town.)

Work it, girl!

Two quick questions, though: Think Kris Jenner put the kibosh on Jenner spelling her name with a K? And how many of y’all thought that was Cindy Crawford there for a sec? On closer inspection, she is also giving major Jessica Lange (who, btw, totally does not mind the comparison).

Anyway, you may also follow Caitlyn on Twitter now.

Yes, unlike Bruce (whom I don’t think was all that active on social media), Caitlyn doesn’t seem like she will be silent on Twitter. Because Caitlyn has no secrets, OK.


Update 1: So far both Khloé Kardashian and Kendall Jenner have expressed their support for their dad. And that is awesome.

Update 2: Evidently, this is why it is Caitlyn and not Kaitlyn.

Update 3: Well that took no time.

Jenner is expected to pick up her new hardware when she makes her first public appearance since her Vanity Fair pin-up moment at the July 15 show. So make sure you tune in (like you haven’t set your TiVos yet...).

Update 4: It was announced on June 3 that Jenner’s own show on E! will be titled I Am Cait.

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